Does your SA refer to you on a 1st name basis?

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  1. I'm curious & it may be a silly question but I was curious what is the proper protocol on this question.I have a last name that consists of 2 names together you know for example ...-....Sometimes I get a call from one S.A. calling me the first half of the last name & my regular one calls me by my husbands last name.Since I use my maiden-married name on all my reciepts it can get confusing for them I guess(not to mention too long to say) even after all this time.So if you come into the store,or if they call you on the phone do you prefer to be called Mrs.......,Mrs......-.........or do you feel comfortable enough to be called on a 1st name basis?Or is it odd for the other clients hearing this?Just curious to hear your opinion on this.I didn't see another thread on this subject & wanted to hear your imput.I understand there are Mr....out there & even MS.... all comments are welcomed.
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    I'm on a first-name basis with everyone at my favorite H boutique. We also speak in the informal "you" form.
  3. first name in all stores that i frequent -- from Paul the butcher to H, Chanel, Saks and Bergdorf's. I introduce myself by my first name though. when I take my mom shopping though, I introduce her my her married surname. Its her preference.
  4. Well I prefer first name. I tell them call me XXXX and it took 4 tries for them to do it. Sometimes the call me Mrs.XXXX (first name). At Saks, I'm on a first name basis.

    I prefer first name but if they forget it's ok, it's what they are used to and I'm ok with that too.

  5. I tried to introduce myself in shops here in the beginning with my first name, but they always thought it was my last name and get confused. So I gave up lol!
  6. I am the same as MissMargaux, initially they always called me Mrs XXXX, I did keep asking them to "please call me by my first name" as calling me Mrs XXXX seemed so formal. Now even the Manager calls me by my first name.
  7. That's why I'm asking.I wouldn't mind if they call me by my first name it really would be the easiest solution of all I think & I find being addressed by different SA's in the store in all but one way.Just trying to make it easy for them & think I'll just give up too.They are all wonderful people in the store in the end.
  8. Once I felt comfortable at my local store, I requested that they call me by my first name, as being called "Mr" makes me feel uncomfortable, and I find it way too formal.

    After all, Hermes is a fun shopping experience, not tea with the Queen. :yes:

    edit: If you slip it into conversation that you prefer to be called by your first name, then I imagine that they will stick with your preference.
  9. I introduced myself from the very beginning with my first name, and other tPFers and I refer to each other using first names when we discuss things with the SA, so yup, everyone's on a first-name basis.

    It's an interesting question because I don't think I've ever been referred to as "Ms." anything... except maybe in restaurants...
  10. Whenever someone refers to me as Mrs. ___, I tell them no, it's kelly32;Mrs. ___ is my MIL!
  11. Im on first name basis.

    If you wanna get them to address you by first name, try calling the store and asking for your SA. When they ask who is calling, refer to yourself by your first name. The more you say your first name, the better. And if they don't know who your are, then say what they recognize, and then say "but everyone calls me XXXXX".

    Or if you are ever in the store, and your SA is not there, writer her a little note to say that you stopped by. Write "Hi XXXX, This is XXXXX, just wanted to let you know I stopped by" Say you'd like her to keep an eye out for something or whatever.

    The idea is, find as many ways to refer to yourself by first name, then they'll follow suit.
  12. I don't really have a preference I guess. If I had to pick one, it would be my first name, I suppose. But neither bothers me. I want them to call me whatever THEY feel comfortable with saying.

    BUT if I had a hyphenated surname, I would probably feel differently as I would think calling me by my given name would be easier for them.

    But I am a naturally huggy/chummy person to almost everyone and that just makes it natural for them to call me by my first name.
  13. Same here!!!
  14. I don't care if they start with Mr.../Mrs.../Sir.../Madame..../Monsieur... as long as their sentences end with ...we have the birkin you want:P:P:P:P
  15. ^^^ :roflmfao:

    I don't think I ever paid enough attention, but I think they usually call me Mrs. lastname, which is fine by me. :shrugs: I'm not too fussed about it...