Does your SA make you feel guilty when you make a return?

  1. We all know the pitfalls and benefits of the commission system which causes some SAs to kiss our behinds the second we gaze their direction or at the merchandise. We may have even worked in retail and understand how difficult it is to secure the client, and then disappointing it is to get a return.

    I recently went to Nordstroms and the shoe salesman proposed to me - not marriage, well...maybe. After walking in the door he remembered me from a previous visit and immediately greeted me, "June 14!" (the day of my birthday, which he oddly remembered though we had spoken briefly). He then proceeded to do what I sometimes unkindly call the "shoe dance" where a shoe salesman begins to falsely praise your sense of style, present possible shoes regardless of how they look or whether they are wise choices, tell you how fabulous you are though they have never met you before etc etc otherwise known as the "give me your credit card now dance". (The best shoe-salesmen will not do the dance, they will be honest with you about what looks good, and be honest about which shoes are good choices.) The conversation ended with the most hilarious proclamation of his affection for me... "Please, please let me be your shoe man." At that exact moment my boyfriend had walked in the store and was standing a few feet away from us. I felt as though I was cheating on him as I was mentally chuckling, answering the salesman in my thoughts, "Yes, you can be my Shoe Man, and I will be your Shoe Woman... and we can have Shoe Children." Haha.

    Anyway, this man is just one example of what the commission system has reduced salespeople to at times. Another "Shoe Man" (now he sounds like a super-hero) I encountered that day told me about his many children, and his hard life, and praised me for making his day with my purchases and told me I was a true lady and that he could not wait for me to come back. I felt overwhelmed and nervous... I was buying sale shoes... what if I wanted to return something? What if I saw something from Pre-Fall next week at a different shop and took these sale shoes back... would his children starve because I snatched away, cruelly, his commission? That is how he made me feel. Or perhaps I'm too sensitive? Is it wrong to care too much?

    I suppose the point of my tangent is does anyone else buy a lot and then think about it at home, eventually making returns? Does this make you feel guilty? Uneasy? Or should we not care? Or is it more wrong for the salesperson to put you in a position to feel guilty, or to treat you differently if you make returns?

    What about salespeople that don't want to sell you something if you are not sure and give you attitude if you say, "I'll take it home and think about it"? Today a Chanel SA told me that if I was not sure that my mother wanted the bag I was about to get for her, that would not be a good thing, and I should just leave it. My mother asked me to buy it so she could look at it, not so that she could marry it!

  2. You know from one of my previous posts that I buy/return a lot as well (darn those genetics). My "regular" SAs know, however, that I keep a heck of a lot more than I return, so they are pretty good with me. They also know my style, so are very honest with me on what works or not, reducing the need for returns in the first place. I also have a "shoe man", although he does not call himself that and he is not at all pushy. That's why I keep going back to him, because he's a pleasure to work with.

    The Chanel SA you described was out of line.
  3. Returning is as important as buying......I return, exchange rebuy all the time, my sa's know me and know as another poster posted that I keep way more than what I return, so they are very nice about my returns, and only call me about sale merchandise that they know I will like not just any merchandise. On a trip to Paris, 4 years ago, I bought some things at Le Bon Marche, when I got to the hotel I realized that somethings were too small for my children, that the sizes were much smaller than here, so I told hubby that next day I had to return. He could not believe it since he is always teasing me about my returns, when I got to the store, and told them I needed to return something it was like chaotic........I don't think anyone had ever returned anything at that store before by the way they acted.......they had issued somekind of a tax refund which tourists are supposed to collect at the airport but the lines are so long no one has the patience. Because of this tax refund, they took me, my passport, my receipts and my merchandise (2 men, one on either side of me), all the way to the private financial offices, hubby was having cofee with friends at the little bakery in the store and when he saw me walk by he wanted to die, and decided to ignore me. It took an hour to return and get my refund back on amex, I had to sign all kinds of legal looking papers that I would not use the tax credit, etc., etc., when I finally came back, I could not stop laughing and my hubby could not stop scolding me.......
  4. Mine is as lovely as she is. She was very polite, patient and made sure I got a brand new bag that did not have any problems with it. The best SA I have come across so far as compare to horrible experience I had with Dior..
  5. YES!!! I cannot stress this enough. That's why I avoid returns like the plague. It sucks, and really should not be this way. Makes me feels sooo bad. :sad:
  6. What happened to you at Dior? I had a bad experience there too...
  7. Haban -- when you get the tax refund paperwork filled out that is supposed to mean "Final Sale" no matter what shop you go to. That is why when I shop in Europe, I get that paperwork 1. only if I know I am not coming back and keeping it or 2. on the last day of my stay, when I have completed all my returns. I think you would have experienced the same problem at any boutique. However, at that store, which is more "high end" I am guessing, they should have been more receptive. However you are also right that in Europe they are not as used to returns in all boutiques as we are in the States. Return policies are a pretty recent invention in many European shops.
  8. I wonder, has anyone ever done that thing were you get a Personal Shopper to prepare a selection of next season's clothes, and then you come to the store to try it on? What do they call that? Does it work?
  9. The US is the only place in the world where you can buy and return with such ease. I've been to so many places - UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy, France etc - returns are just not common. In fact, some places disallow it totally. I prefer that I can return something I bought if I do change my mind, but then again, would I like to buy something which someone else has returned? Probably not. So I've got a bad double-standard here.
  10. I think one can tell whether a bag has been returned by the stuffing in the bag/ or the tag/ or examining the bag. If someone just bought it and had it sitting in the box at their house for a week I would not care too much. I return my bags in mint condition, unless the reason I am returning it is damage or flaws. If the bag is damaged, then it should be exchanged.
  11. I rarely return. I do exchanges more often. That being said, I still have a pair of boots that I purchase in January that has to go back to Hecht's. I wonder if I can return it still. Hrmmm.
  12. I love your description of the shoe man dance

    my mom used to say they were like vultures circling in for pray on a sale
  13. I only have one SA per store, and they don't care... I rarely return something... and when I do, it's usually an exchange so it's alllll gooood! I'm always careful about purchasing and when I'm uncertain, i always voice it out. As a prior SA, I never cared about it when my clients had returns.. it's normal and the bottom line for me is that I wanted them to be totally happy w/ their purchases.
  14. I too hardly ever return - mostly exchange. Returning is such a pain in the ass IMO, no matter how gracious the SA, so I REALLY try to make sure.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I loved that!!

    I rarely do either, exchanging or returning, and when I do go to return, I normally just exchange it or something else. I do sometimes feel the pressure from SAs to purchase something, and have no started shopping w/ my ipod, so, when I "ignore" an SA b/c I'm just looking at something, I dont get pressured and they don't feel like I'm completely ignoring them, as I can't hear them b/c my music is too loud! :biggrin: