Does your SA get credit for a charge-send?

  1. I apologize in advance if this has been asked before. My SA found an item for me from a different store and did a charge-send. My credit card was charged at the other store, but does my SA get any credit for it at her store? I really hope she does :yes: . BTW, her store is one of those independently-owned stores. TIA!
  2. I don't know. I had a wallet sent in from another store to my local one, was not charged for it until I picked it up. I went in on a day when my SA wasn't there, and when it was being rung up, I heard the manager saying something like, "oh that doesn't matter, because it goes to the other store." So I am assuming that even though I purchased it at my boutique, the other store got credit for it somehow. But I didn't ask outright.
  3. I asked this and was told that the sending store gets the commis $$'s but that the ordering SA gets the credit for the sales quota. Hermes sales staff receive $$ from sales that are pooled for the entire boutique but also have personal quotas. So charge sending means the ordering SA gets to add a notch to his quota but doesn't get a larger bonus/salary.
  4. I know this.

    the SA gets commission but the other store gets the like sale on the books. to count towards their quota or whatever.

    in some cases...if your SA rings up like a birkin from another store...she gets nothing....because that is the only reason why the other store will give it up...if they and the SA there gets comis.

    all from the horse's mouth
  5. My SA just charge ordered a bag to be sent to me from a different store and I asked her if she "got credit" and she said yes. When she calls me, I can ask her to clarify what kind of credit. Now I'm curious.
  6. Thanks for all of your replies! I really want to purchase from my SA through her store, but sometimes I want something in particular that is not available there. I would feel badly if she went through all the trouble of locating an item for me, then not get any credit for it.
  7. Are you sure? I had been told that "your" SA gets some sort of credit for the sale or that it counts toward the individual SA quota, even if its a charge/sent birkin or kelly.
  8. It would be nice if they would "publish" the rules as to how the SA's credit/stats are based, so that we could make sure we handled purchases in a way to maximize the credit/commission for our SAs. If I were certain my SA would get credit for a charge/send item, I would not hesitate so much in asking her to search for things, rather than waiting for something to appear in the local stores inventory.
  9. I just ordered an agenda refill from Costa Mesa and the Violette Karo Pm I ordered is being sent from the NY store to the CM store and THEN she will ship both items to me. Thought it was a little odd that it was being sent to me from NY, but thats ok, she spent so much time on the phone with me while I asked stupid questions, and she also searched for a Rose Shocking Karo for me with no luck. So I hope she gets credit for the sale. She was extremely nice and had a lot of patience. The best part, she wasnt snotty like most of the CM SA's are on the phone!

    She just got my business...
  10. I had an extremely pleasant experience with one of the SAs at SCP too! It was Diana, the floor manager. I was bumming that day, and came in a Juicy velour sweatsuit with this blingy, shiny Gold LV Miroir bag. I did not look like an "Hermes" customer at all, but she treated me just so. She even complimented my bag! :shame:
  11. The store sending the product gets the money from the sale but it is rung up under the SA's # who requested the charge send. that way the SA gets credit for the sale since they were the one who helped the client, but the sending store gets the money since it is coming out of their inventory, get it?
  12. ^^^ Diana has also helped me. She is an absolute doll!!!!
  13. That sounds fair :yes:.
  14. My SA's name was either Miriam or Marian. I asked her to send me her card. When I lived in CA and would go into Hermes I was ignored no matter what I wore. (I figured it was the bag I was carrying)The worst was the day I had a $20,000.00 Xmas bonus check to spend all on me, and they ignored me. So today I DREADED calling there. And I was shocked when she really did call me back!
  15. Okie dokie, this way I won't feel quilty to ask my SA to search for a certain items.
    Nice to know ! Thanks !