Does your pet like the holidays?

  1. I don't know how many cats and dogs pick up on the fact that things are a bit different during the holidays, but does your pet like Christmas/the holiday season?

    My dog Pearl seems to like it. Her bed gets moved in front of the Christmas tree, and she likes sleeping by it. The whole family is in the living room a lot since the pretty tree is there, so Pearl gets more attention in general. Plus, on Christmas morning she loves to help us open presents.
  2. My girl does. She already opened one of my presents! :p
  3. Yea, Mariah really gets into the Holiday spirit.


  4. Um...I really don't think pets have that level of awareness...

    ...but here's some eye candy of my baby from last year. I can assure you that, despite the fact that we put him in a "festive" scarf, he didn't have a clue as to what was going on.
  5. QueenOfDa702: Awww, how cute :biggrin:
  6. Oh, yeah. Spike, the terrier thinks all the stuff that comes in the house is for her, and Girl, my Newf/Golden (pic below) knows she's got something under the tree every year. Thet get all excited because they also get to go to "grandma's" on Christmas Day (my MIL's) because she insists they come and open their gifts from her. (My SIL also brings her French Bulldog, and the other SIL brings her Yorkie. It's hysterical because there's three little dogs and my big dog. And my big dog is the better behaved!
  7. My dogs love the holidays. Tons of food, tons of visitors, new toys and children to play with. What's not to love? I have to admit they don't get the whole moving around the furniture and decorating thing but they don't complain.:p
  8. Oh bloody hell that is the funniest picture I have seen all year. Classic, you should use that as your Christmas card.
  9. I believe my doggie likes Christmas. He loves when we open his presents & he gets tons of new toys. He also loves all the food & visitors giving him attention. But I don't think he enjoys the outfit I put on him........

  10. Stanley posing next to my mini xmas tree..he was moving in the pic that's why it's kinda blurry :shame:
  11. LOL!!! Love this picture! :roflmfao:
  12. My dog used to love holidays becuase I'd let her eat people food on the holidays and pig out on treats. I used to get her a happy meal for her birthday. She had pancreatitis a couple years ago though and so she has to be on a STRICT diet and can never have anything else ever again.
  13. My cats like the tree, especially all the shiny things hanging off it. they must have destroyed a dozen ornaments last year.
  14. My baby Sophie had her first Christmas last year and she just seemed kind of confused as to why I wanted her to unwrap her presents!! She was really cute though and now she just watches me decorate the house! I adopted my boy Max from Puerto Rico and this will be his first Christmas ever so I will have to update you and let everyone know how he does on Xmas morning...I think he will like it though, he LOVES the snow and cannot get enough of playing in it!!
  15. This will be my golden retrievers first christmas. We will be putting up a tree this coming weekend, so it will be interesting to see how that goes! May only have ornaments on the top half of the tree -- to save them from her crazy swinging tail. I will keep you posted!