Does your pet "know" things?

  1. We were having a conversation about pets the other day, and, in particular, the look your dog/cat gets on its face if it sees you naked. I must admit, when my dog was a puppy, he used to come everywhere with me - the shower, the toilet, wherever - because I was worried he would pee in the house and I wouldn't be there to find it. There was never any problem and he seemed to enjoy coming around with me as everything was a new adventure.

    So anyway, the other day, I got out of the shower and he rushed up to lick all the water off (what is with that?!) but then he kind of looked at me and I swear his face was like "Oh my God. You're not wearing any clothes!" and he glanced at the floor, glanced up at me again and then gave me one of those "out of the corner of his eye" looks. I think he was embarrassed LOL.

    My friend, who has a cat, says it's the opposite with his cat - if his cat ever sees him naked, it gets a "heh heh heh... it's time to have some fuuuuuun" look in its eye. His last warning to me? Never EVER walk naked around a cat - they know... and they will pounce at any swinging bits given half a chance. :roflmfao:

    So does your pet "know"? Does it "know" other stuff? Like when your upset or when your having a heated conversation (ears back "Am I in trouble too?" look)? When you're about to go out and he/she is not invited (sheepish and quietly hides under the table)? When you're about to go out and he/she is invited (excitedly running like a maniac around the house)?
  2. I have a lovebird...he usually keeps to himself except for food time...around 6:45 every evening he stands next to his door, it's almost as if he "knows" i feed him at that time....that's why i want a dog, so that it could interact with me more.
  3. My dog totally knows when I coming home.
    My friends have been at the house and tell me that my dog goes to the door to wait - right before I even pull into the driveway.
    and it happens all the time.
  4. My dog does that too! She stands by the door and waits before my brother or dad even gets into the house! Um, some other things - if I put her collar on, she knows she's going out. Sometimes I put it on first and I walk around the house and continue to do my own thing and she'll start walking around and running to the door and start whining cause I'm making her wait. :p Sometimes when she pees and misses the wee wee pad, and when I go clean it, she kinda stands far away and looks at me with these sad eyes with her ears are all pulled back, like she knows she missed the pad and is making me clean it up (too cute). There are many more things she "knows" about but if I continue, I'd be writing a book! LOL :roflmfao:
  5. I swear some times I think my dog is a genius!

    When I pick up my bag to go somewhere he would do the happy dance and run to the door because he knows its time to leave:lol:

    He also knows are schedule and would wait by the door.

    When I go are you ready to go pick up "my moms name" he runs to the door to leave.

    When I ask him if hes hungry he shakes his head!

    I love him:love:
  6. They know when it's feeding time.

    They're not joined at the hip so they're not always together but one can sense if the other is not where they're supposed to be.

    I've mentioned how my mom accidentally closed the closet door when Willie was inside and figured that out because Louis was pacing back and forth in front of the closet making odd noises.

    My mom had to go out onto our patio to barbecue some pork. She went outside, put the meat on the grill and came back in again. When it was cooked, she went back out to get it. On her way out, she passed Louis, sitting by the patio door.

    Becuase Louis is, to quote my mother, "around like a bad smell" she put little bits of pork in his dish. He didn't touch them and he stayed put by the door. It was then she figured out Willie must have slipped outside. She finally got him back in and Louis was so excited he was cleaning him every chance he got.

    And it's not always Louis feeling that way about Willie, either. I was in my dad's study with the door closed and Willie was in the room with me. He would not move from the door and it was because Louis was on the other side of the closed door.
  7. so do I :lol::lol:

    I love this thread.
    It so nice to have our animal friends in our lives. They amaze me at how much they really do know.
  8. My dog is incredibly smart, most of the people who have interacted with him for a while agree that he is very intelligent.

    He understands a a lot of what's going on around him. He can tell the difference between if I'm about to go out for a short period of time or if I'm about to go on a trip. If he knows I'm going out for a short time, he dances and begs for me to take him along. If I'm going on a trip, he follows me around making puppy eyes to guilt me. He also knows if he is invited along. If I ask if he wants to go for a ride, he will start dancing his way to the door and bark at me if I am taking too long. If I ask if he wants to go for a walk, he goes running for his harness and leash. He also knows if he is on his way to the vet, I'm not sure if it's the scent along the road or maybe something he recognizes along the way, but somehow he always knows because he clings on to me and will not let go.

    If there is an argument or heated discussion going on, he will jump in my lap to comfort me, he will also get upset and start barking at the other person if they are present.

    He's also sort of figured out how to communicate with me. Since he was a puppy (just a week or 2 after I got him), he will always come get me and lead me over to what he wants. If I ask him to, he will even pee on command.

    OK, I'm going to stop this long post because I can basically write a book about all the things my dog knows :yes:
  9. My dogs know EVERYthing, I swear! They are pretty darn smart sometimes.

    My older one, Ginger, especially. When it's time to eat she lets me know! And if I don't listen to her little signals (she'll get hyper and start trotting around the house and bite toys, then will stare at me and wag her whole body) then she will howl at me.

    When I'm upset and crying about something, she will climb up on top of my onto my chest and rest her head on me, and sometimes it's like she's trying to "hug" me. It makes me cry harder, of course, but in a good way.
  10. This is a funny thread haha. My dog knew a lot of stuff but everytime i took out the mailbox keys, he went nuts. He knew that meant he was going on a short walk. He loved it!
  11. this thread is so cute!

    my pups know when it's dinner time (they'll cock their heads to one side and one will do a happy dance)

    my poodle knows when i'm leaving and he'll run to his kennel

    my chihuahua knows when we're going to the doggie park and he does his version of the happy dance

    i also get licked all over after a shower. my poodle also gives me the 'ryan atwood' look whenever he's worried i'm upset with him.
  12. my cat "knows" what time I have to get up for work every morning. She would come up to my pillow and start meow-ing just minutes before my alarm goes off every morning!! just like having a flurry alarm clock!! but she does tend to wake me up at around the same time at the weekends tho!! ><
  13. One year I had the Norwalk Virus. I was past the constant nausea part and I was into the "stay in bed and take sips of water" phase.

    I remember my mom noticing that my late cat, Lucky, would just hang out on the floor by my bed. She thought he was keeping some sort of vigil for me.

    (Hehe . . . when I was in my nauseous phase, I remember asking my mom to take Lucky out of the bathroom because, and I quote, "I'm going to throw up and I don't want him looking at me.")
  14. Great idea for a thread! My Presley is way too smart for his own good ;) When we first adopted him and I gave him a bath, he watched me get the "scrap towels" from a certain drawer in our laundry room. The next time it was time for a bath and he saw me reach for those towels, he beelined it to the other side of the house... I found him hiding behind my DH's legs! DH asked, "What the heck is he nervous about?" He had seen me get his "bath towels" and wanted no part of it!!! :roflmfao: He is so darn perceptive.

    He also senses emotions and puts himself in his crate when he knows he's about to get in trouble for going crazy at the mailman. He watches out for me with a tunnel vision, which is one of the reasons he's my true "heart dog."

    Here's a picture of him on his first trip back from the lake. :love:
    in car.jpg
  15. Love the story about the separated cats!

    My old dog doesn't hear much and sleeps a lot. At least I think that is what she is doing - she might like the attention she gets for this. I fix lunch with the 'help' of younger dog and tell him to go tell old dog it is time for lunch. He rushes off and they both trot into the kitchen for their meals! I think she is just waiting for him to come get her and she is really awake but doesn't want to be bothered.

    The male dogs [one past and one present] seem to be more connected to me. When I am thinking about returning home they go to the window and wait for me. It isn't because I called and my family is expecting me, they tell me the dog went to the window two hours ago, when I was getting stuff ready to get going. It was strange with the first male as he was quite the stinker, the one I have now is a mama's boy.