Does your pet hog the bed?

  1. Mine does! Here he is, caught in the act. That is my DH's blue shorts in the upper lefthand corner, and my dog is sleeping on MY side of the bed!
    chewy 044.jpg
  2. Yes! two of my cats sleep directly on top of me many nights. It's very cute...but they are like little heat generators -- I wake up sweating, ick!
  3. LOL. Yes my dogs hog my bed. Sometimes I have to stay in the same position all night. It's like dead weight.
  4. lol!! What a cutie!!

    Yes Maya likes to sleep half on me and Greta likes to sleep in the middle of my pillow. Usually in the middle of the night I have to move my pillow to the middle of the bed, and next time I wake up I have to move it back just trying to escape them! lol
  5. I can relate....

    We had a house guest recently - I gave up my bedroom and Reggie and I slept in the den on the foldout (twin-sized.)

    I woke up in an "L" shape with my back kinda parallel to the top of the bed - I couldn't resist snapping this pic - Reg didn't move when I got up (that dog sleeps like a brick) so he's in the position he was in when I got out of bed - I got out on the left side of the pic.
  6. yep, she tries to push me out of bed with her legs. she's not so pleasent to sleep with and must be under the covers.
  7. No, but my cat sleeps on top of my legs a lot of the time, and then I feel guilty about shifting around, even when I am uncomfortable.
  8. YES! My doxies suddenly become like 4 feet long each and lie the wrong way, thus taking up all the room. I can't buy a bigger bed!
  9. Hahaha, the things we do for our pets. KKKKate, your dog is such a cutie, but a major bedhog. Now it is time to think, are these animals our pets, or is it the other way around??? :nuts:
  10. My dog is a TOTAL bed hog! He sleeps between us, vertically. And he's ginormous!!!!
  11. Sadly, no!

    I wish they (cats) did, though. When we first adopted Daisy, she slept on our pillows. A week later, we adopted Henry and she stopped. DH thinks she's punishing us for bringing him into the family;) At night, she'll only sleep on the love seat in the living room. Henry does sleep with our 11 y/o son but not with us.
  12. LOL! Those of you that posted pictures....they were adorable!
  13. Yeah, it is like sleeping with 2 grown men in the bed! And, they both snore!

  14. He has me well trained and he knows it! ;)
  15. yes, my cats does, Hershey loves to sleep ontop of me and Gracie (Grace) loves to sleep on my side nearer to the edge of the bed. So I can't move and yes, it does get hot!