Does your partner think any of your LV's are really ugly?

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  1. My DH thinks my sprouse rose pouchette is the ugliest thing he has ever seen in his life :wtf: He looks at it and looks at me and just shakes his head LOL. He says since he knows its a fake everyone else is going to also!!!
    I cant even convince him It isnt a fake (ok, I'm not going to show him the reciept or he'll freak I paid that much for a "purse that looks like a kid painted flowers on it" so let him believe it's fake) I just smile and say I love it so too bad:tup: Does anyone else have a LV that your SO detests?
  2. HAHA

    u let him believe it is fake? too funny
    but i have one too and i can understand why he thinks it is ugly because u have the traditional monogram against this brightly coloured flower. it is two contrasting pieces on one item, i think i considering a piece of art. i have not much of an idea of when i'll use it but i do know i love it
    dont worry about what he thinks. just keep hiding the receipt
  3. my BF hates my mono stuff, lol. he wears H&M and TopMan stuff ONLY.
  4. I agree, It is a art piece. I also told him be glad Its not a speedy or NF. Oh, but I translated it to him....your lucky I didnt buy a big one;)
  5. my BF likes anything I have till he knows how much are they LOL and well, the Roses scarf, he and my mum says it is too bright
  6. LOL that is super funny, with the time he will understand what a Speedy or NF is, don't worry
  7. My DH is very supportive of my obsession but he also hates a few of the LVs that I have, or are on my wishlist. I have been dying to get the MC Shirley and he is so against it, that's why I still don't have that clutch after drooling over it for the past 2 years.
  8. Mine hates the logo stuff but,likes the leather lvs.
  9. my bf isn't a huge fan of the classic monogram. he loves taiga. when he saw my mono speedy, he was like, "everyone has that bag" (thats when we first started dating. lol.)
  10. My bf doesn't really care for the Mono bags.
  11. My HB doesn't like the Mono bags, the MC and the Roses and Graffiti..
  12. My DH thinks my mandarin epi agenda is super loud, but that's about it. He does love the texture and is always trying to get me to let him do a rubbing of it for his art. NO WAY is paint coming near my LV!
  13. my partner does not mind the damier ebene but she hates the monogram. i mean HATES!!!

    i say get him a belt or a nice LV wallet in graphite and watch the mind change overnight. :smile:
  14. My BF loves my Mono bags, he always helps me to choose when i cant decide.
    Now he pushes me to buy Neverfull :cloud9:
  15. DH doesn't really like or dislike any of my bags, he just looks at the price. He can't for the life of him understand why anyone would spend this much money on a handbag and than want more than one. :shrugs: Of course after so many years, I have just worn him down and he has even bought me a couple.;)

    Jootee: I think that is funny that your bf thinks your pochette is fake. I often tell mine I bought my bags at the "outlet" or they were on "sale". He seems happy with that response, so hey why not?