Does your partner have Mulberry?


Jan 2, 2009
My husband has not converted to Mulberry yet (despite a brilliant deal I saw for him in one of the shops). What about your partners/husbands?
Does he have /want/ask for a Mulberry for himself? What is your Mulberry relationship score between you? ;)


♥ Celine ♥ Chanel ♥
Jun 10, 2006
I had bought my hubby a mulberry slim tie and wallet, and he loves it! He didn't ask for another mulberry for himself but I know he loves choco Elkington very much, however he doesn't want to spend that much on a bag .... so, maybe I will buy it for him in x'mas or birthday.


Sep 12, 2008
He uses Jacob for his laptop, has wallet is choc printed Mulberry and many of our various travel bags/cases are good old Mulberry!


Jun 13, 2008
I bought myselfan oak Barnaby.....suffice to say I no longer own an oak Barnaby as he decided it was the perfect man bag, and that actually he was doing me a favour as it's too big for me.....
Says a lot for Mulberry though, as I have never known someone so fussy about the type of bag they will use than him!


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May 27, 2009
Newcastle, UK
No, dh is perfectly happy to buy me Mulberry but would never buy it for himself or desire it at all. He's so not into spending money on himself - I have to talk him into buying himself the occasional DS game or book from Waterstones (rather than waiting to find it cheap on Amazon). Books are his 'thing', he has no interest in clothes really - he buys a couple of pairs of skinny Levi's when the old ones wear out and has worn the same cashmere coat (bought as vintage) for years. If I did that I'd look like a scruff, he however rocks that dishevelled sensitive rock star thing! :biggrin:
He is genereous to a fault with me and dd, but hates spending on himself. And if I bought him a Mulberry bag, he'd be horrified I think! He carries an ancient dark brown leather school-style satchel, looks fab on him actually.


Apr 24, 2009
DH has no use for bags and never carries a wallet. However, I hate the way his money jingles in his pants pockets and how he has to swap bits and pieces from one pair to another. I might just get him one for Christmas....


per aspera ad astra
May 27, 2009
Newcastle, UK
DH has no use for bags and never carries a wallet. However, I hate the way his money jingles in his pants pockets and how he has to swap bits and pieces from one pair to another. I might just get him one for Christmas....
Mine only carries his bag for work but never carries a wallet, on his days off when we go out he simply gets me to carry anything he needs to have with him! And all his cards etc are in my purse. He reckons he'd only lose them if he carried them. Which he probably would what with not carrying a wallet! He seriously has no interest in such things, only carries his bag to work so he can take his flask of coffee and a book. He's so unmaterialistic, but to be fair I am too - other than my bags!
Jul 9, 2009
Seems I win the weirdest man competition then!! His Mulberry so far:

7 pairs of cufflinks
3 wallets- 2 black and one choc
Passport cover- choc
4 assorted messenger bags- 3 choc one oak!!!
Think thats all so far - but he is always looking - has a HOF card and is well known to the SA's!!!!


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
My DH would never ask for something Mulberry but I have gifted him an oak keyring and a black NVT leather wallet. He likes both and does appreciate Mulberry quality (his old Kenneth Cole wallet literally fell apart after 4 years use) but he'd never buy Mulberry on his own. I think he was secretly horrified that I'd bought him a wallet as he knows how much the bags cost!


My husband is an in-betweeny then. He uses a Barnaby in yummy choc for work to carry his laptop. He occasionally uses it to carry DDs things on the weekends too. He bought it for us to share but I have never had a look-in. He looked at the Mulberry wallets but there was nothing he liked as he is very very fussy (he carries his wallet in his front pocket for security and it has to be very slim to be comfy and have no press-studs etc). He also has 2 pairs of Mulberry cufflinks which he likes very much (we got them in the sale - he wanted a third pair but they sold out while we were on-line).

DH is also very generous with me and my love of bags. In a way he seems a bit proud that I have good bags. If I send him a pic of a bag I am considering buying he always shows it to his secretary (she probably thinks I am really precious but at least she carries Radley). He also bought me a bag from heathrow for my 40th, took it to Basle, carried it around work because it was a day trip, took it out for lunch (all because he was scared to leave it anywhere). One of his colleagues teased him mercilessly when they found out what was in the big Mulberry bag and he said "at least MY wife has great taste!".


Hula O'Hoop
Mar 21, 2007
No. Mr Hula has an awful old Nike backpack that he had when I met him 8 years ago at uni (and even then it had seen better days)... it is so old it is retro (and not in a good way :biggrin:). He flatly refuses to get rid of it :nogood::rolleyes:

He has slightly upgraded though, and when we went on honeymoon he took a very small Adidas backpack with him that he got given free at work as part of a tennis promotion :rolleyes: To be fair, he did bring back one for me aswell... needless to say I have never used it!

He refuses to get a messenger bag, saying that they are 'girly' :rolleyes:*sigh*... and I married this man?!!:nuts::greengrin::lol:


Sep 26, 2007
I had to get my DH hooked, its the only way that I was to get away with so much! Its started with a Money clip years ago and he now is the proud owner of a Black Brynmore, wallet, belts, clipper, passport holder and some cufflinks.

He also loves Mulberry's T-shirts and has quite a few now.

Not sure who is worse.....who am I kidding.....:nuts:;)


Mar 5, 2009
Lol, Hula! Well, it's the same here.. We couldn't be more different when it comes to spending money on things.

I love to buy stuff to the house and myself... He doesn't. He has improved, and buys clothes when he really needs to. Here the other day he actually had bought himself a really nice suit. But I have asked him so many times to buy a nice jacket for spring and autumn - I'm almost embarrassed of him going to work (and everywhere for that matter) in a soft shell jacket.

He doesn't have a Mulberry bag. Last year he had a plastic bag with extra clothes when they were having a Christmas party at work.. So for Christmas I bought him a travelling bag. Nothing fancy at all, but at least better than a plastic bag and a backpack (which is the alternative to the plastic bag..).

He has got one Mulberry wallet though, that he got for Christmas 1,5 years ago. And I have almost convinced him he needs a Brynmore. But still thinks it's expensive, but think he will have one eventually. He thinks my Mulberry bags are beautiful and of good quality, but of course, doesn't really get why I need so many.. but he is kind with me, and gave me birthday money to spend on a certain clutch:smile: