Does your obsession spread to WALLETS?

  1. My best friend has a similiar obsession with bags like me, but far more financial resources. She buys a new designer bag at least every season, but mostly every two months (im jelous!) but she's had the same old boring Bvlgari leather wallet for like 4 years. She says, while her bags are part of her outfits, a wallet is a purely functional thing. As for me, I have 5 different wallets, 3 in active use and I constantly WANT MORE. Ideally, I'd like a wallet or a coin purse for every bag I own. Is this normal? Do any of you girls and boys have the same craving for wallets, coin purses, key pouches etc as you do for handbags?
  2. I don't change my wallet often. Can you imagine how much work it would be when moving all the cards (DL, credit cards, starbucks & etc.) from one to the other? Every wallet design is different. I know where each card is located in my wallet. When changing to a new wallet, I need to start over again. It is too complicated for me LOL....
  3. I do love nice accessories but not for each bag. I can't even imagine changing wallets often, I'm just too lazy I guess. Just yesterday I bought a fabulous IF wallet on sale!
  4. I just started with wallets. I think it's part of that "TPF makes me see" phenomenon. I had 20+ bags and used the same beat-up Coach wallet from 2003 until the past 2 months.

    I've gotten 5 wallets in the past 2 months to go with new bags. So yes, count me in.
  5. I like getting new wallets just the same as bags. But changing wallets is such a hassle, and each of my wallets generally don't fit the same amount of stuff, so I have to figure out what to do with the leftover essentials every time I switch. Thus I don't buy them as frequently.
  6. HA. I think my main obsession IS wallets and accessories thats just sort o spread to bags over time!
  7. Wallets are so expensive...that I'd rather get a handbag for the same money. That said, I recommend spending the money on one really good wallet, because you are in and out of it umpteen times a day, so it might as well be gorgeous, fabulous and functional.
    Daily, I use a Cole Haan burnt orange zippy. Of course I'd like an LV zippy, but I can't justify it when I have a perfectly good one.
    Next, I keep a separate wallet for travel, where I switch in only the cards I will need abroad. It is a Il Bisonte European wallet. It has international calling cards, etc. and is set up for my travel.
    I will be in Paris this summer and am considering picking up a souvenir at the LV store...a new wallet, probably an LV French purse or a Koala, something smaller than my zippy. I'm trying to downscale the size of everything in my life.
  8. omg, Five?! hahahha i thought I was bad...:p
  9. I would say that 85% of my bags have a wallet to go with them. So to me it is normal.
  10. Part of what makes changing bags so easy is having everything in its own case or holder. I just need to take the cases from one bag and place them in another.

    If I had lots of wallets it would be a lot more complicated! There are a lot of wallets I love, but I usually cannot justify the cost when I already have a beautiful and functional wallet.
  11. nope!
    i've only ever bought 1 for myself... a gorgeous leather pucci that i've used for years. it's too complicated to keep switching, for me, and there are so many colors in it that it matches all my bags.
    i use a LV cles for keys and subway cards, so both are always on me.
  12. I only use one wallet: a Juicy that I got on sale. Since the wallet doesn't get seen very often I don't see the point in putting all my money there when I could just put it towards a nicer bag. If the wallet functions as a clutch or a wristlet, then I tend to spend a little more on it.
  13. For some reason my obsession has never spread to wallets. I have even thought about buying a nice wallet but I just cant bring myself to pay more than like $50, ya kno? I have about 6 wallets and they almost all were from a sale rack from tjmaxx or a department store. Maybe one day when I am out of college and can afford to spend a lot on wallets I will, but for now...I just concentrate on my purse obsession lol!
  14. I like nice wallets but even if I could afford it I would no way want to have to change my wallet all the time. I change my BAG every day.

    I had a black leather Prada wallet for about 10 years and it held up great but after that long it was time for a new one. I got an LV mono zippy which is great. No, it doesn't match with my Fendi and Coach but oh well that is not a huge priority for me.
  15. Ditto!