Does your Neverfull GM fly well?

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  1. Hey y'all!
    My toddler gal & I will be flying to the bluegrass state this time next week! So excited to go "home" for a bit :smile:. Prior to my NF GM purchase, I always carried-on my Mono NF MM. Has anyone successfully taken their GM as a carry-on? Will it stow under the seat (no way is it going overhead!)? I have DE so I worry about the straps getting bent over & subsequently wrinkled. I need the extra storage space in the GM though for goodies to keep DD occupied ;) but I don't want to risk ruining the NF GM if it will not fit properly....

    Any advice? Many thanks!

    PS: sooooo jealous of all the reveals today :sad:
  2. I've flown w/my NF GM DE and had no issues. I stowed mine under the seat in front of me on a 2-hr flight and had no issues.
  3. when i fly i never shove my bag(s) under the sear or put it in the overhead.I usually put it at my feet or in my lap.
    I never get sh*t from the flight attendants, (I fly first class so maybe thats a factor, i dont know)
    Enjoy your trip
  4. I think this tip is from tPF and I do this every time I fly. I put kitchen size trash bags in my bag for use. I use one to line the disgustingly dirty bins at security before putting my purse/bag and other items in there. I then toss it and use another one to lay down underneath the seat so I can then put my tote in top of that.
  5. I'm super-clumsy, especially in narrow plane environments. My whole 3-week-trip in Thailand I carried a Neverfull MM and I had about 6 domestic flights in the country if I remember correctly. I think at every single one of my flights the NF tumbled over and I had collect my items on the floor or in the overhead compartment. I think a GM might fly better, because she won't be full to the brim, hence you can "fold" her shut if that makes any sense. Definitely go for the large one and bring a scarf or something to put on top of your items... or else you might suffer the same fate as I did. :biggrin: