Does your Neimans carry MAC Cosmetics?

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  1. If so, where are you located?

    I just got a $500 NM gift card for Valentine's Day and I'd like to spend some on MAC products. My local Neimans stopped carry MAC about a year ago:cry:.

    I can probably order and ship, huh?

    Thanks in advance;).
  2. Not one response? Maybe MAC pulled out of the Neiman Marcus chain.
  3. Neither of my NM carries MAC. I usually see MAC at Bloomingdales, Macy's and Nordstrom.
  4. My NM doesn't carry MAC either.
  5. NM as a whole, doesn't carry MAC.
  6. none of them in Dallas do.
  7. Nothing was online either! I check NM online and they dont carry MAC! :shocked: Do you want to try Chanel make up maybe? Its really great. Or maybe buy a purse! :graucho: