Does your MUSE stink?

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  1. Hi girls, I just got my first OS MUSE and love it! :heart:

    The only thing which borthers me is, the leather does not smell delicious but rather stinks a little bit...Since it is my first MUSE, I have no idea if MUSEs all smell like that. :Push: But I can tell, it is not kinda Chloe or Prada smell. :sweatdrop: Any ideas or experience? :s TIA!
  2. my muse doesn't stink at all.
  3. mine smelled great.
  4. bagnshoofetish & brian, thank you girls!

    Well, I do not want to return it anyway because I got it for super price and it was the last one.:graucho: Is there anything I could do???
  5. Mine don't smell either, but I did see someone, somewhere (here?) mention the smell of hers, so--I'm not sure if some of them do or why...I mean, Buffalo aren't known for their fanaticism about personal hygiene, but still--presumably the leather gets cleaned up. I have had some folk art pieces in the past bought in parts of the world where leather is less treated and the way I've resolved that issue on the art pieces is by airing them out. The funkiness would dissipate after a while. I don't know if it sould be the same with a Muse, but I assume it would.
  6. Hmm... my muse smells like leather and nothing else. :shrugs:
  7. my muse doesnt stink either :smile: it smells of leather
  8. When I first got mine, it smelt great. In fact, it smelt so nice that at one dinner, the girls passed it around to sniff it.
  9. You must've gotten one stinky buffalo. Poor guy should've been bathing himself better. :P
  10. susan-eric, thanks for your suggestion! In fact I want to try the same way you suggested: to airing it out. Hope that will really helpful.
  11. bubbleloba, koalaph & TammyD, thanks girls, I guess that is the leather problem then.
  12. chipo,you really make me laugh! :roflmfao:
  13. I have the chocolate large Muse and I love the way it smells. I have been known to take a large whiff from time to time, it smells so good!

    Did you buy from an authorized reseller such as N-M, Saks, etc.? I hate to suggest this but are you sure it is authentic?
  14. Yes Kallie Girl, I am 100% sure that it is authentic. But it was the last one and I did not have any choice.:crybaby:
  15. Mine just smells like fabulous leather. People actually want to smell it!