Does your Mom carry a designer handbag?

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  1. I was just wondering cuz my mom thinks I'm nuts!!!!
    Yet when she has a fancy get together or a wedding, guess who she asks to borrow a fancy bag from!!
    U got it - me!!
    She will splurge on a coach- usually one on sale. 10 yrs ago I broke the piggy bank (I was a student) and bought her a D&B.
    As far as designer- she wouldn't pay for it unless it was a knockoff!!
    How bout your Mom? Did she start your obsession?
    PS- I have a cool aunt who has the most amazing chanel collection- she's in her 70's god bless her!!
  2. My moms currently carrying a Michael Kors bag. She usually stays around that level.
  3. Nope. my mom carries the target special. even though she pics cute little bags, they never go over $25. Which is fine. She would rather have expensive furniture, which i would never DREAM of being in my mid-20's in a teeny tiny apt!
  4. YES! She's the one who got me started on them lol. Right now she's carrying the LV Perfo Musette.
  5. Nope. My mom carries bags for practical reasons. Basically, she see a bag as something that carries her stuff (which is true), and thus there is no need to buy a brand name one.

    I will get her something nice one of these days, though.
  6. Nope. She is actually quite anti-designers handbag lady. Anything over 100 dollars is considered "ridiculous" oh boy...
  7. my mom has been buying coach bags for as long as i can remember. she was buying them way before they became very popular with the signature C's but she only goes for all leather bags. she has some guccis but for work, she carries simple TUMI bags that can fit all her stuff like her lunch and papers haha!
  8. My mom's into practicality. She carries designer bags but they aren't a must.
  9. Same here! :yes:
  10. Same here! My mom always had her LVs and this was back when no one knew what they were!
  11. she carries so far from a designer bag that it's not even funny. she just doesn't understand ANY of it. i tell her my bags are under $100 and she freaks (when, in actuality, there in the range of $300-$500). i would hate to think what she will do if i ever buy that chanel at $2000+ i'm eyeing...:wtf:
  12. no, my mom would buy bags on super sale at random places, but she does admire my bags. she never said anything like why i would buy an expensive bag. she just wouldn't do it herself.
  13. I get my purse addiction from my mom. She currently carries Fendi...
  14. Yes, mom does carry designer bags. Thats where I get it from. ;)
  15. hmmm... nope. unless u considere etienne agner a designer's bag :p