Does your mini luggage slouch?

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  1. Hi ladies! I've just gotten my first Celine mini recently in coquelicot, buffalo leather. And I realised that my bag isn't as hard and structured as the other luggages ive seen. I don't know if it's because of the leather or because it's been used for sometime (since its a preowned).

    Does anyone of you has similar problems? Is there anyway to make it become structured again? Please advice. TIA!

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  2. Yes it will slouch if you overload it daily. Also humidity and climate pays a part. There is already an existing thread on this if you'd like to peruse.
  3. Sorry about that.. Thanks for the info cotonblanc! ;)
  4. No prob. You might want to invest in a bag organiser. I use a Samorga insert and you can google them on Etsy. Also, remember to stuff your bags when it is not in use! And if you feel it is getting too heavy, take out a thing or two!
  5. Thanks for that tip! Think I'm gonna find some pillows and stuff it in them like u did.. And I still thought it was a good size for school and work! Hahaha..
  6. Thanks for that tip! But it's the wings thats bothering me.. Sort of changes the iconic shape.. >.< Think I'm gonna find some pillows and stuff it in them like u did.. And I still thought it was a good size for school and work where i can throw in everything! Hahaha..
  7. Hiya, looks like pebbled leather (as opposed to smooth leather) so it will slouch. Your suggestion to stuff it when you're not using it should work!
  8. Smooth leather will not slouch as such, but stuffing bubbles paper into it will help as I notice. I do the same things for birkins:smile:
  9. Thanks so much ladies! I always thought that smooth leather will slouch more easily since its softer.. Silly me..
  10. will storing it flat helps to lessen the chances of slouching?

    i dont know if the law of gravity here affects, like placing bag upright, law of gravity pulls bags down, and slouch happens.

    it's gonna be so upsetting if the luggage slouch and become soft after some time like one year?
  11. That what i think too so i prefer to store mine flat and stuffed with tissue also with wings out.