Does your MFF Peyton smell funny?

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    I purchased the peyton off of ebay for $245 which is cheaper than it is selling at the outlet. It had a few scratches but apple took care of them. It said it was from a smoke free environment but it smells like smoke and maybe fish. The inside legacy lining is fine and no smell. It looks great and for the price I would like to keep it but the smell bothers me. It's not overpowering so I might just let it air a few days before I leave any feedback. My older legacy and other bags have always had a great smell.

    I know I have read about using baking soda and cat litter. I will not be using Febreeze because I can't stand the smell of any of them.

    Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  2. :throwup: Fish and smoke? Yuck.

    I would put the bag with two Arm & Hammer baking soda disks in a box for a few days...hopefully that erases the smell.

    Was the bag new or used? If it was conditioned, it may be the way the conditioner takes to the leather...there is a big thread over in the eBay section about this exact topic.
  3. It is new. I did put apple on it and it really soaked it up. I only had a little of the apple so I will be ordering some more.
  4. Well, despite your seller having no problems leaving false positives for others, and some ugly neg's, maybe you could reach out to the person the seller sold the black patent peyton to and see if they noticed the same things in smell?
  5. That's really nasty. I have it in white patent and mine doesn't smell bad. The smell is coming from something in the seller's home.
  6. It doesn't look patent in the photos - is it? I thought Apple did nothing for patent?
  7. Ewwwwwwwwww, I hope you can get the smell out of it.
  8. It's not Patent. The Red and Black are, but no this color. So, the apple would have been fine....I have 5 Peyton's including this color and none of them smell........
  9. I contacted the buyer of the other bag and their bag arrived fine. The smoke smell could have come in contact with the bag somewhere through the postal service. The box did smell like smoke and there were places for the smoke to get inside the box. My son says it smells more fishy than anything. I am letting it air out and will buy some baking soda this weekend. When the apple conditioner arrives I will try to clean the bag again. I have just never had a bag smell in a bad way before.
  10. I purchased a Garnet in the fall and it had what I thought was a fishy odor to it. I bought it at Von Maur. It was black leather.

    I had it under the tree in it's dust bag and when I would open it to admire it the smell just drove me crazy. I had to return it :sad:
  11. Mine smells really good LOL.. I sniff the leather all of the time :roflmfao:
  12. Ewww that smell doesn't sound pleasant at all! I love the smell of leather. I would just try airing it out and see what happens.