Does your metal chain strap move around?

  1. Hi ladies! I recently got a jumbo flap in gold hardware and noticed one problem. The metal chain on one of the straps "moves around" so that it isn't evenly aligned with the leather like the other chain and there are kinks where the metal chain sort of pops out. It's hard to explain, but I went to the CHanels at Neimans and the SA told me it was a normal problem and manually placed the metal chain back in place. However, seconds later the same problem occured again.
    It's not so much a big deal, but I'm pretty anal about everything being perfect about my purses so I was wondering if this was a normal problem or something I should get fixed permanantly? I mean I can always rearrange the metal chain back into place, but its kind of annoying to have to deal with that especially with the price of the purse!

    Oh and when I say that the metal chain moves around, I don't mean that it is detached from the leather (that would be bad!).

  2. I'd have to see pics to understand exactly what you mean but I know that would drive me batty, having to adjust it all the time. Especially with the current new price of the jumbo!
  3. Do you mean it gets a kink? Mine do and it does annoy me.
  4. I'm not sure what you are talking about either but I agree with roey that it would drive me nuts. I even get irritated by the squeaky sound of the chain and the leather on my new flaps.
  5. i know exactly what you are talking about.. i guess you could say that it is a normal problem but i dont think it is common with all chains.. i would say some bags are more prone to it. Why? i dont know.. it sometimes happens to my GST, but you just need to flip the whole chain to one direction.. but when it happened to a previous flap bag i had, i just had to keep on readjusting it. fortunately, i exchanged that bag so i didnt have to deal with that annoying problem anymore. i think you should just exchange your jumbo for another one and its likely you wont have that problem.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean - my jumbo chains do not give me any problems at all. Perhaps you might want to exchange it if it bothers you?