Does your MC Speedy sag when u don't carry much in your bag??

  1. Do u think it looks better when it sags or better with a bottom shaper in it?
  2. I have a mono 25.. and because I don't fill it up all that much it sags, but I love it. Although I think the sag compliments the 25 more than the 30. I personally hate structured bags.
  3. yeah it sags just a little but not as much as my mono speedy
    probably because of the hardwares at the bottom
    if you don't like sagging, you could use purseket or thin mag at the bottom of the speedy
    personally I don't mind saggin at all
  4. Mine sags a little as well! It's not too bad though!
  5. Multicolor speedy? Funny you ask because just recently I removed the cardboard from the bottom so it wasnt so structured. when I first got the bag I hated the sag and cam up with the idea of this cardboard now i'm changing my ways :wtf:

    In my mini lin though I have a gossip mag covered just to make it look nice, it works because its soft and the bag isnt too structured.
  6. ETA ... sorry didn't realize this was about the MC speedy and I was replying about the regular speedies. This post can be deleted.
  7. It sags a bit but not as much because of the corners. I like the way it looks when it sags a bit. I remember a long time ago on this site, Anna Kournikova was shown carrying the fake which had TOO much structure and Jessica Simpson was shown with her real one. People thought Jessica's was fake because of the sag and Anna's was real and "looked better."
  8. I don't mind a little sag, but it doesn't sag too much because of the hardware and pocket. I have a notebook that fits inside nicely and helps keep it from sagging too much. Then I put a light sweater in to make it look moderately full.
  9. :yes: but I always stuff it with box to keep the shape anyway, I saw eBayer: jenycola sell board for Speedy
  10. I have a purseket in mine and it doesn't sag really...I carry a lot so maybe that helps.