Does Your Man Have A Say In what You Wear ??

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  1. My Husband will give his opinion on what he likes to see me in. in terms of color,and texture and buys me things he knows I will like.
    But he also trust my judgement. :love:

    How about you? Does he have a say in what your wearing ?
  2. my Dh told me yesterday that my cardigans (and I have many cardigans) look frumpy and look like what grandmas wear. He told me that they are unattractive and he wishes I would not wear them anymore. Other than that he has never had an opinion on my wardrobe. :P
  3. Hell no! put it bluntly. We are TOTAL opposites when it comes to fashion...he has not a clue. He dresses in conservative wear (suits) and I'm contemporary to put it mildly.
  4. He'll tell me what he likes and doesn't like, but I wear what I want to, even if he doesn't like it.
  5. Another entertaining topic pradasmeadow!

    It made me laugh out loud!!! My husband will always tell me I look gorgeous, comment on my outfits daily (even some out clothes) HOWEVER, he could never attempt to shop for me. I not only shop for me, I shop for him, the house, all gifts, food shop, anything that has to do with shopping is up to me. He will only purchase the cars, boats, anything electronic and any accessory that goes to his hobbies. God love him he is a mans man in every sinlge way I can imagine. When he does go shop with me it kind takes the fun out of it for he will say things like..okay I took you shopping for a day so why dont with me, play poker, just any of his likes. So I like to go on my own. My ex bf was a huge metrosexual and would shop for me, with me etc...I loved it! But now I love my husband to NOT go!! lol I miss him like crazy right now, he away again. Im lonely for him. :sad:
    Got a little sidtracked there! So NO he has no say at all...he loves the way I dress. I have the say on how he dresses! :smile:
  6. He knows better. And if he thought he had any say in what I wear, we wouldnt be married! I couldnt imagine living my life concerned if what I was wearing made my guy happy or not.
  7. I love to ask my bf if helikes what I wear but I love to hear his objective manly opinion.
  8. My bf will typically like everything, so if he does comment on something that he doesnt like it, I will take it into consideration...sometimes. Obviously my opinion overrides his. He doesn't really buy clothes for me, unless he already knows it is something I'd he's done the juicy stuff or cashmere sweaters, easy things.
  9. nope, the bf never has a say... if he does say something, i'm not listening! hehe
  10. word. he'll give his opinion when I ask (I pretty much only ask when I'm not liking it anyway) and compliment me randomly sometimes when he really likes something. but I don't dress up for him and I don't tell him what I think he should wear, and I don't expect (or want) him to do that for me.
  11. No, but I occasionally have a say in what he wears. :smile:

    Actually, this isn't as weird and controlling as it sounds. He's very slightly colorblind; certain shades of pink and green appear gray to him.
  12. LOL funny topic!

    My man does not have a say in what I wear, other than to compliment it. On the other hand, he is awesomely metrosexual and loves to buy nice things after he educates himself first -- he says that he will feel like he's getting his money's worth if he understands why something may cost so much. Love him to bits!
  13. He think I have good fashion taste and think I look good in mostly everything, but once a while he want to do the what he call "dress me up" and pick out the cloths for me to try on. His fashion taste on the other hand.............then he really want me to dress in the cloths he picked out for me when we are going out, and I was like HELL NO.
  14. No he doesn't. Whenever I ask for his opinion he usually says it doesn't matter what I wear because I look beautiful in anything. How sweet!!! :love:
  15. I couldn't have said it better! My hubby knows I would let it go in one ear and out the other.