Does your man get manicures/pedicures?

  1. My husbands finger & toe nails are scraggly. Honestly, we have been together 7 years & I have never seen him clip his nails. I know he does, it's just that it looks like he tears them off or something.
    Yesterday, I told him I want to take him to get his nails cleaned up (Mine too). He said he wont go-mains/pedis are for girls & girly guys, what kind of guy goes to a nail salon other than to wait for their woman? :rolleyes: I have seen plenty of men get their nails groomed. Does your SO get mani/pedis? If so, did you have to convince him? Should I just let it go?
  2. Yes, my husband gets mani/pedis but usually only a couple times a year (he also bites his nails off). I think the only reason he went the first time was because we were still in the "courting" stage of dating and he did it to impress me. After he did it once, he really liked it, but won't go unless it's for special occasions (he says it's too much trouble). If you are having a hard time getting your SO to a normal nail salon, they have male oriented salons that do the same thing. American Male is a salon chain that has a location in Las Vegas that specializes in grooming the "modern man," so you can send him there and he won't feel as bad because he'll be surrounded by other men!
  3. I actually require it.
  4. My husband used to when he worked in one office and there was this fancy hair/spa across the street and everyone from the office went there. He enjoyed it. I was just thinking about maybe trying to talk him in to going a nice place with me. One thing that grosses me out is poor grooming habits.....I think a lot of men are in to taking care of themselves now.
  5. I did a lot of mens ped/manis at the spa, men you would never think would get them. They actually do think about rubbing rough feet against your legs, or holding hands and their hands feeling rough.
  6. :yes: Yup, that's my DH.
    He would NEVER go have a pedicure much less a manicure.
    I have the pleasure of clipping his toe nails and finger nails.:sad:
    I don't mind though.
  7. Bart gets pedicures :smile:
  8. I think I gave my BF a manicure once. We're about to go on vacation, so I might give him one well as a pedicure, which I've never done, although he's been trying to get me to "do his toes" forever. All I do is clip the nails to a reasonable length, file them smooth, and then buff them. When buffed they end up nice and shiny looking. You could try doing that. I think men get a kick out of women doing that kind of thing for them. Go figure.
  9. Yes, Peter gets mani/pedis on a fairly regular basis. I love that he does that.
  10. Thanks Ladies! I'm going to have my hubby read this thread. Ive already decided that he is going like it or not. I bet once they get started & he quits thinking a friend of his will pop in, he'll enjoy it. Sailornep5 thanks for the link.
  11. he sure does! he goes twice a month!! i have trained him well :p he resisted at first, but now he actually enjoys going!!
  12. Not on a regular basis, but he has gotten a pedicure once and a manicure polish though! LOL
  13. I tried to get my hubby to get a mani before our wedding and he refused!

    he thought i was completely
    he's funny like that, he prob. thought it would damage his "manly-ness" :rolleyes:
  14. Yes. My (now ex) BF got pedi's occasionally but took care of his fingernails pretty well on his own. Every time he came back from his pedi and leg massage it was like he was a new man!
  15. i think in current time it's widely acceptable for males to visit spa/ do nails etc. it's really a personal choice :smile:. for me and my hubby we both don't do manicures/ pedicures, just normal nail clipping weekly/ bi-weekly at home :biggrin:.