Does your LV store makes you Queue before you enter?

  1. I wonder where else on earth other then paris do LV stores make their customer form a queue outside before we can enter to make any purchase :confused1:

    I wonder about this because yesterday I went to Ngee Ann City, Singapore LV store.

    Before I can enter, I saw a Queue of around 4 local standing by the side as guided by the store security. There are around 10 customers when i look into the store. Its definately not crowded around 3 pm.

    BUT ... there is this guy wearing a robe...looks middle eastern...could be rich...he just walk straight through without joining the Q!

    Frankly, I felt insulted to join in the Q.

    It damped my mood to purchase and thus, after seeing the guy walk in...i felt i could spend my money elsewhere instead ... prob at DFS or Hilton LV where i could have gotten better treatment as NAC LV is notorious for their bad customer service...
  2. Qeueing is not something we experience much of here in the US, I'm thinking it's a European thing?
  3. And Asian too?
  4. i never queue.. not in oz.... is the queueing only for the paris store :confused1:
  5. i dun like the queue too.. :cursing: but i guess its to prevent too much crowd in the hall..
  6. we need to Q here in singapore thou...weird right?

    thought we need to Q in Paris as i understand every LV lover on earth wanna get into the mothership...

    i went to NAC as the store is nearby to the train station...its raining cats & dogs yesterday...i dun want to get drench if i purchase any LV...
  7. It means standing in line...Yes, we have to stand in line on occasion here in the US also, but we don't take to people cutting in front very nicely. I would have taken my money and walked away also.
  8. yeah that's not something they do in nyc. the flagship is usually crowded, it is rare to see it dead. i likeeeeee it when it's dead. i'd rather purchase from soho because it's much more quiet but my SAs are on 5th ave.
  9. but we don't stand outside the door waiting to get in as she's describing. we might have to wait for an SA but that's not uncommon. and i always wait because i only purchase from 1 of 2 SAs in the store.
  10. I love when my store is dead.
  11. I've never had to wait when entering a LV store. But I am only in the NY/ Northern NJ stores. And occasionally other ones on the east coast while on vacation

    I have heard that in HK they make you form a line outside though
  12. I've never seen a queue at any LV store.
    Here in the USA or in Paris....
    except maybe upon initial opening!
  13. The LV store in HK made us Q too... sometimes the Q can be long enough to have 20+ person waiting.
    Mid-side store with lots of tourists around the region.
    Then again, there used to be a Q in Gucci too...

    I have never Q at NAC (yet)...
    Been there a few times but I still prefer the store at DFS!
    Staff are much friendlier than NAC!!
  14. i don't remember seeing any queues infront of LV in other countries other than Paris and Singapore. in Singapore, i don't stand in line coz i would frequent the boutiques during the weekdays. moreover, i prefer to shop at Hilton LV, quiet and staff are super friendly.
  15. I would never queue to get into a Louis Vuitton boutique. I've heard they do it in China a lot because Louis Vuitton is ESSENTIAL there.