Does your life NOT fit with LV?

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  1. Anyone else feel like their life doesn't fit with LV?
    I'm not talking about the expense (that's another thread for another day ;))
    But I mean -- I have nowhere to carry/wear my LV.

    I used to be on this forum a lot. But I've sold off most of my LV stuff. I felt like I could better use the money for things I could use more often. I hated having a pretty bag just sitting in my closet.

    I never really go anywhere where I could carry a nice bag -- maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

    I could carry my LV to Walmart - but other than that....

    Anyone else experience this?
  2. No - I love my LV enough to take it to Target! Some times I start to worry that I should take carry LV as much (when volunteering etc), but still take it to work and everything, and I do not really have a fancy life!
  3. My life isn't fancy, either. However, I've managed to incorporate my LV's into my everyday living.
  4. i love my LV i usually take to school, out shopping and work
  5. Nope - I carry my LV EVERYWHERE!!!! It is no big deal to carry LV here in LA
  6. I think LV puts out enough styles to get you from formal occasions to jaunts to walmart and such....I am a tomboy type and I have taken my louis on gun shoots/test and tune at the dirt track/ always accompanies me to the auto parts store and stuff like that...maybe you needed a different style of purse? (my trouville is my daily driver/work horse...I save my cherry blossom or roses purses for special occasions)
  7. I tend to use my LV regularly. Whether it's an accessory, tote, purse or luggage ... I generally manage to use my pieces frequently. Perhaps a more casual LV bag or tote (like Speedy Azur or Neverfull) would suit your needs and not feel so 'fancy'.
  8. I don't have a "fabulous" life either, I work for a nonprofit and my trips out are mostly to the grocery store or the mall, but I always found LV to be so versatile in that you can easily dress it up or down to fit whatever your lifestyle. I have pretty casual styles like the mini lin speedy, the hampstead and the paroili. I think the suhali line would be a little dressy for me. That's the great part about LV, there's something for everybody.
  9. I agree with RealDealGirl, there are so many LV bags out there that you can find one that is "casual" enough to take everywhere. If you have it, use it!
  10. In Nyria defense....

    I understand to some degree.
    When i go home to visit my mother...
    When i student teach...
    When i got to the fair...
    When i go to wal-mart in east LA...
    When i go to my family's farm...

    ...I always bring my Coach or NO-NAME bag. PERIOD. I just feel that having a LV at these places is just asking for it. I envision it turning out like a movie where this rich lady gets all her stuff trashed b/c she brought her expensive things to the farm etc.

    If you have no use or "lost that loving feeling" for you LV's get ride of them. But ALWAYS keep a few for those special occasion ie. weddings, dates.

    "Times are tuff and not everyone on the street looks at you LV with loving eyes...
    Don't be a target!
  11. I do not have many places to go yet, every where I go I carry LV...My bags, scarves, belts and accessories are all LV...from my pendant to my inclusions everything is Lv...agenda, cles, address book...the list goes I need LV shoes and I will LV head to toe...LVOE it!!!!
  12. i always find times and places to wear my LV's. it doesnt matter where i am. i'll wear my LV to the grocery store.
  13. I use my LVs daily. Going to work or running errands. But, I also live in CA where the weather is pretty good most of the year. If it rains, I then pull out my Damier LV purses. I guess it just depends on where you live.... if you live in a climate where there's a lot of snow or rain, using your LVs might be difficult if you are concerned about protecting the vachetta on the Monogram LVs.

    I don't go anywhere fancy, so again, going to work or running errands on the weekend is fine for me when using my LV purses. Whatever works best for you.
  14. I carry my LV everywhere, to the grocery store, mcdonalds starbucks...or shopping...I don't see any reason to have to wait for a special occaision to carry a special bag...I think everyday is special enough to carry them!!
  15. Mine doesn't! I'm a Paramedic so don't get to dress up for work as I wear a teal jumpsuit and heavy black boots every day, and I live in a tiny town of 2,500 people in the outback that's 900kms west of the nearest LV store!

    BUT I still wear LV and my other nice bags around town, and love them. I carry my Saumur 35 daily, it's perfect for all the stuff I take to work, and I put it in the truck and take it out to coffee every morning and read my book or magazine at the coffee shop. I don't really buy fancy clothes and dresses anyway, instead I spend on jeans, boots, coats and bags and these are all great to fit the more casual living out here on days off whilst still indulging my fashion lust.

    Most of my LV are accessories though and these fit daily life no matter where you are or what you do. Everyone needs a wallet, everyone has keys, everyone needs a small pouch for lippie / hairties / pills / bandaids, most of us carry a diary.

    I think LV have so much variety in styles that there's something to suit everyone, and every lifestyle. Just when you think there's nothing for you, take a closer look at it all, and you'll find there's plenty to suit your life! :tup: