Does your Legacy bag buckle under pressure?

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  1. I've had my Legacy bag about a week now. Today is the first time I noticed that when I carry it, or just as soon as the handle is lifted, the center buckles up and lies flatter than the outside compartment. Plus it looks really fat like I overstuffed it, when actually I only have a few items inside. It looks really odd. The first picture shows it looks normal when it sits on a counter. The second picture shows what it looks like when it's picked up. If you have a bag like this does yours do the same thing? I'm thinking of getting something else now. It really bugs me.

  2. I have this bag in both juniper and raisin and although I havent used the juniper yet, the raisin definitely does not buckle like that. Kinda weird!
  3. Do you have something in your bag that's almost as high as the zipper closure that's holding it up? I'm at a loss.
  4. My legacy shoulderbags do slouch - but since I have the 2006 versions they have the two pockets and look slouchier overall - there is not one firm pocket holding the front stiff while the top sags in. If you've been carrying it they you can't really return it can you??
  5. Darn, I wanted that bag in clay color. I don't think it should already be slouching. It's too new.
  6. I didn't say I would return it now did I? I said I would get something else. :yes:
  7. legacy leather will slouch with items in it. It is leather and it is soft. I wouldn't worry too much, I like when my bags have a bit of a slouch to them.
  8. The first 4 days it was fine. It help up because the leather was kind of stiff being new. Now that I been handling it for a week it's softening up and starting this. Some bags look good with a slouch but this one doesn't because of the zipper. It conforms into an "S" shape when you pick up the handle, and sort of folds over onto itself.
  9. my '06 does this
  10. LOL, my husband said when I come around the corner he thinks "here's comes the giant wristlet with my wife behind it".
  11. I agree it looks strange but it's still a wonderful leather Coach bag. I'm not sure what to say about this. If I had it in the clay I know I would still keep it even if it was doing this because it's soooo pretty.
  12. lol! It must be rather small IRL. I've never seen one in person.
  13. Yes, they definitely will unless the leather is very thick and stiff. Also, even if you don't initially have that problem... over time and the after the leather gets softer (and you condition more), you will probably begin to notice it. I don't mind it unless it's a flap bag that does it..and then I think it looks really ugly and is annoying to carry at that point.
  14. My raisin does do that if I don't have much in it.
  15. Thank you to everyone. I feel a little better knowing it's supposed to do that.