Does your large hobo chain sit on its own?

  1. After some wear & "tear" does the bag still sit up on its own?
  2. what size are you talking about? i have the medium purchased in april and used quite often and it still stands on it's own.
  3. ^ oops you were talking about the large sorry
  4. I 've had mine since late October...and it's getting a little slouchy. My handle is still pretty stiff though.
  5. I have had mine since March and yes it still stands! I was actually selling mine but I decided to wear it for the last time Lol and when I went into Gucci for the 2nd mark down on shoes my SA offered to have it cleaned and touched up for free... I am still selling it but I hae to wait for it to come back!

  6. see, mine just slouches down which has me worried. It does not sit up at all. I don't know when the one I bought was purchased, but I wasn't sure if it should still be "sitting" up. Waiting until I get to Dallas to have it looked at so my sister can be there to squash my embarrassment, just in case.
  7. Hmm I will PM you a pic of mine that I took a couple of weeks ago... I wish I had it now to help you out!
  8. Noegirl when are you going to sell your large hobo? and what color is it? i would love to see pics...i may be interested in purchasing
  9. Mine is a little slouchy too...not completely deflated, not wrinkly, but a bit slouchy. I don't think you should be too worried about it. The canvas isn't super stiff...and its such a large bag that its slouchy when not stuffed full.