Does your laptop go anywhere?

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  1. My laptop has not left my bed (Vlad says this is bad).

    Do you take yours places? To cafes? To work? To various rooms in the house?

    Gosh, I might as well have kept my desktop.
  2. I bought my laptop when I got hired as a flight attendant so I wouldn't go insane on layoevers. But now that I have a laptop I NEVER use my desktop anymore, when I'm at home I like to sit with it in front of the TV.
  3. I take mine away if I'm holidaying in this country as I find holidays at home rather dull! I like taking it on long car journeys so my brother and I can watch DVD's when we're bored.

    I also use my laptop in the lounge so I can watch tv or listen to the music channels.
  4. Mine only goes around the house:P
    The farest it has gone was at my boyfriend's house about once or twice
  5. I used to take it to work everyday, but I've put work on hold now while my mother is ill. Now I just take it out on the patio to have something to do while I watch my son play in the pool.

    Oh and I've been inventorying my mother's books with it. I have a great USB barcode scanner and program that allows me to read in the ISBN numbers on newer books and catalog them.
  6. mine hasn't left my bed in god knows how long. i'm about due for a new one, and when i get it, i think i want it to be slightly smaller (i have a 15.4, i'm thinking of a 14) so it's easier to take to class, etc.
  7. That's why I'm looking to get a 12 or 13 inch one -- so that I can just pop it in my bag and take it to cafes, the library, etc. I occassionally lug my ancient dell to barnes and noble to set up shop in the cafe, but it's so heavy -- probably around 7 lbs -- and the battery life is low.

    Anyway, my Dad keeps telling me that even if I had a light one I'd think it was a pain to transport -- but I'm hopeful. I also like to have them on my bed and in front of the TV:smile:
  8. I trave a lot, so yep, my laptop goes with me. Otherwise it's in my office at home or on my bed.
  9. My laptop is actually my work computer, so it's been all over. It's been to lots of airports and to the UK, Mexico, NY, CA, VA, NV, MD, NC, SC, TN, MO, IL, OK, TX, MI, IN, and probably some other states - that's all I can think of right now.
  10. I bring mine to work and normally its with me anyways with me daily. I have a Sprint aircard that lets me get on anywhere, anytime. I even use it to casually log onto this purse forum! :P And then I have my desk top which is much faster ...I use that one when I get home to surf. hehe ;D
  11. Mine's in bed with me now (I work nights this is bedtime lol) and it usually stays there! Instead of taking a book to bed when I was young, I take my laptop.
  12. It's usually on my desk but I take it with me when I go to BF's for a while or on vacation.
  13. Mine is small (12") but I feel weird taking it places. When my BF is here, I give it to him and make him carry it :smile: Since I got my laptop, I never use the desktop because it's so nice to be able to sit wherever and use it.
  14. My laptop goes everywhere with me! My boyfriend says that I am a "fish out of the water" without my laptop!! =)
  15. Right now I'm on a really clunky Dell laptop... it was great to have during my freshman year of college because I would use it in the dorms and could easily bring it home on weekends. But since its so old, its heavy and doesnt like to pick up wireless signals in some places (like Starbucks or Panera).
    I just bought a Macbook. I think I'll be carrying that alot more often, especially since I'll be communting in the fall. Its so light and cute.
    I'm looking for a cute bag to carry it in... :hrmm: