Does your Lambsin smell?

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  1. HI ladies..

    Firstly.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YR!! wish everyone has a wonderful year ahead of you :smile:

    about my question.. Lately I have noticed.. if i havnt use my lambskin tote or jumbo flap for awhile.. when i take them out from the box and dustbag.. I can smell the leather has a bit of a "sour" smell.. does that happen to you??

    and does anyone know why??
    will it be becos it has been air-ed after it has been used?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. lambskin can absorb & retain smell. For example, if people live in smoking homes, the lambskin starts to smell like smoke! I'm not sure about the sour smell--I haven't experienced that with mine- but I only keep them in dustbags- not in the boxes!
  3. Mine never smells strange.
    I carry a lamb WoC and always store it back in box wrapped in felt.
  4. There is no smell on my white lambskin, reissue! :confused1:
  5. humm.. that is so strange... maybe the smell comes from the box??
  6. mine's in it's box, no smell. :shrugs:
  7. Mine is also in a box, and it's wrapped in black smell :wondering
  8. Hmmm maybe it is because you haven't aired yours in awhile
  9. Mine has no strange smell either. I store mine in dustbags only, without the box.
  10. Have not had a problem and I store my lambskin tote in the dustbag and in my old apartment it was even in a closet near the kitchen (I know prob not the best idea but you have to take any space you can find in NYC). Try airing it out for a while, maybe put one of those scentless oder absorbing sponges from the hardware store inside?
  11. mine never smell strange even if I don't use it for months
  12. Mine never smell either. Well, they do smell like leather but that's a great smell.
  13. Mine never smells either... and I never store it in its dustbag :confused1:
  14. mine does not smell either. I would try airing it out
  15. Smell like leather???? Mine don't smell at all.