Does Your Iphone Bill Reflect Your Payment Plan

  1. I signed up for the 79.99/mon. plan, yet my first bill was $167 and I only used 14 of my 900 mins. I was told that email and the internet were unlimited, but is there a hidden fee for that, and will all my bills be this high or is it just the first one?
  2. I pay like 200 for 2 iphones with UNLIMITED plan too
  3. when you first get the new phone the first bill is always higher because you have an activation fee plus usally you are getting bill for the first month in a half
  4. I hope it it isnt this expensive everytime. If i signed-up a a 79.99 plan that's what I expect to pay unless I go outside my limit. As long as Im within my limit there shouldnt be any other fees, or at least any fees that would take the price up to $167.
  5. Oh man... I just got an iPhone a few weeks ago. I hope my bill is not to crazy.
  6. I'm getting one July 6th when my contract runs out w/sprint...........I can't wait!! yay!
  7. I would've called your cellphone provider right away and have them explain the bill. Maybe there's an activation fee or something else?
  8. I heard a lot of people were having problems with there bill..I would call you provider :smile:
  9. call at&t and ask them why it's so high............let us know how it works out...i was thinking about getting an iphone as well---so if my bill were this high for the first month, i'd be PISSED OFF! i already have at&t and i dont remember if my first month's bill was higher.....maybe b/c it's pro-rated also?
  10. the charge should probably be itemized on your bill - the extra charges should be notated. my guess is an activation fee + a bill for more than just one regular billing cycle.
  11. I had the iphone and i just got rid of it..I love the phone but at&t sucks..Every month my bill with over 200 and i didn't go over my mins..I called them and asked them why it's so high..And they were like i don't know..I had the 99.99 plan + unlimited texting and web..So i just said screw that i left them and i'll wait to get the iphone when it's available with another service provider..Also at&t you drop calls left and right not worth staying with them!!! But Iphone great i miss mine..
  12. Mine was higher the first month too. I have the 79.99 plan and I've never gone over my minutes and I have unlimited texting, etc. But the first month was over 150. But I also had an activation fee, plus was billed for almost a month and a half. But after that first month, my bill went right back down after that.

    So hopefully it was just a first month thing.
  13. yeah, mine was like that too~

    but it went down to just basic fee from the 2nd month!
  14. mine never went down..I need to call
  15. Make sure you read your bill and understand every bit of it. I noticed my bill was a bit high, but assumed it was cause of my texting, which was part of it, but after I added a larger text msg plan, I still noticed it was high. For a few months I had assumed it was due to the higher priced text msg plan, but evidently it was cause they didn't have the correct rate plan for me. No biggie, right? I'll just call and have them fix it. I called only to have them say that they could only credit me for 3 months, not the 6 months they were overcharging me. WTF?? Evidently, that's their policy. Talked to a supervisor and all, no dice.

    Bottom line, actual phone service has been flawless. No dropped calls, good signals, etc, etc. Anytime you need cust service, it's been a HUGE disappointment. Unfortch, they seem to have all the good phones. Soooo...