Does your husband understand your MJ love, or does he just think your nuts?

  1. My husband sees no value in Marc Jacobs and thinks I am an idiot and would have a fit if he knew the prices? He thinks "Wally World" is high end enough!!:confused1:What about your other half??
  2. my fiance actually likes a lot of MJ and now MBMJ purses. they have to be on sale for him though. although he thinks a diaper gucci bag is okay.
  3. I'm not sure if my boyfriend sees the value - but he knows how much I love it, and I always buy it on sale, so I guess he just doesn't care. He'd probably think I was insane if I ever bought one at full price. He does think it's "cute" how I spend 30% of time on this site, 30% scouring every website for deals, and 10% showing him (like he cares).
  4. And apparently I can't add...b/c that's only 70%. Just assume I meant that the other 30% of my day is a combo of working and sleeping...cut me a break, I got up early to shop!! :p
  5. DH is cool with it - he has his "things" and I have mine. He's into watches and electronics (how typical :p), and I'm into MJ bags.

    As long as we're both responsible with our purchases - like I'll sell a purse so I can get a new one - then we're supportive of each other's habits.

    Today I went to pick up my new TT Faridah at Bloomie's (I had pre-paid over the phone) and he was as excited as I was! He had the bag on the counter and was examining her for any flaws. :heart:
  6. My fiancee thinks I'm nuts..haha. He like's to say, I don't understand why you have the same 3 purses in different colors. heehee
  7. DH doesn't understand it at all, and he really never needs anything, BUT he sees how much I love it, so as long as I don't go over the top, we'll be fine! :smile:
  8. my fiancee does not understand my obsession w/ purses at all.....if it's a super great deal then he's fine w/ it, but as my collection increases, he isn't too happy. esp since we should be saving :sad: in the end, he's amazing though and keeps me in check.
  9. my boyfriend thinks i'm crazy and he understands. he's very calm and not at all judgemental, but he would have no right to be considering his apartment is filled with hundreds perhaps even thousands of dvds. he's not concerned with how i spend my money, and even though my obsession is pricey, it has never been an issue. he sees that bags make me happy, so he'll help me pick one out, ask what the ladies of tpf are up to :lol:, memorizes style names, and point out fakes to me. he's wonderful.
  10. Wow, at first my husband did NOT understand the whole purse thing. He especially did not understand the obsession with MJ. I have equated it with his love of electronics, so he has started to get it. . .slowly. More recently he has started to calling my stam by name, and asking "how she is doing?". I think its cute:heart:. As long as I'm reasonable and get good deals he is fine. He does help keep my eyes on the prize though. We want to buy a house soon so I can't go too crazy, which has been hard with all the chatter of sales and such during this time of year.:heart:
  11. my hubby doesn't get it...refuses to get it.....hell he's just not into it at all (no one else that i know loves purses as much as i do) but he's into his car so...he's distracted most of the time
  12. It's hard for me to say. He doesn't love that I love MJ nor does he love the price tag. But he also knows I don't pay full price for them and I usually get a few hundred dollars in gift cards each Christmas.
  13. When my BF got me my Chanukah present (black key pouch), he went to the LA MJ store and chatted up the SA about the spring '08 collection and asked about the pricing of the Mika. He proudly boasted that the SA told him he knew more about MJ bags than any (straight) guy that had ever come to the store! I thought that was so cute. He puts up with me IMing him purses all day long. He's also obsessed with watches, so I get it from him too :smile:
  14. My hubby gets it - He knows how much I love them and after I've explained it to him, he understands the "collector's" point of view. I own quite a few "vintage" MJ bags and classics of other styles (a small and Med Balenciaga, Chloe's Paddington, Mulberry's Bayswater), so he appreciates my passion from a collector's standpoint, and the fact that my bags will probably be passed on to my granddaughter when she's older.

    There are times he gets a little nuts and says "Another Purse - How many Purses do you Need?" And I've had to "adjust" the price a few times, especially if he's in a bad mood!! But in the end, he likes to make me happy, which is why he bought my Xmas present during Nordstroms 1st set of markdowns earlier this month, and just bought me a "Belated" Xmas present today after 2nd markdowns!!
  15. My husband definately understands...he's so supportive and LOVES when I get the bags and I smile. He says it makes him happy when the bags make ME happy...:yes::heart: he loves games and game consoles and i fully support that too.