Does Your Husband or Boyfriend get It??

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  1. My wonderful husband certainly appriciates quality, in fact he has great taste. But !!!!! when it comes down to admiring ,shopping, drooling, fussing, over gorgeous handbags like I do,he just carnt seem to share in the excitement.
    How about You ? Does he get ?? :wacko:
  2. No, he doesn't get it, though when I bought my Bulga in Chicago, he was with me and he said, honey, if you like it, you should buy it. I appreciated that.

    On the other hand, the other night I said I really wanted a Gucci bag and would he buy me one, and he said no. Pfft.

    I think he would be more concerned if I was buying $1000 - $2000 bags though.
  3. my husband never got it until!!!!!!! he started collecting wine! it was the best thing to happen to us. now when he goes on about some wine thing, i am very supportive and a great listener..... and he gets it now. (yes there is a god!)
  4. my boyfriend thinks i'm nuts. :weird: but he's really cute about it. :P he humors me when i gush over a bag and drag him all around the handbag sections. everytime i'm in a dept store i have to go to the handbag secion first!
  5. If my husband had his way, I would only have one handbag and one pair of shoes to last me my lifetime. If he knew how much I spend on a handbag, I think he would slip into a coma. As far he knows I only spend $300 on a authentic Fendi spy bag. All my bags look the same to he'll never get it...and if he ever does I'll have to leave the country!
  6. my bf is into the way he sees addiction is substantially cheaper than his and doesn't mind shelling out for a bag every now and then

    the only catch is that any bag i get must be quite a bit different than any one i've already got. and his taste in bags is different from mine. he wants me to get a messenger bag, but i can't seem to fine one i like? i like the damier geant..but that's a man's bag! *le sighs*
  7. My husband thinks that I only need two handbags AT MOST. A brown and black (huh?). He is an Accountant, so maybe that explains it, I don't know.
  8. I've said in a previous post about husband wouldn't care if I carried my belongings in a brown paper grocery bag. No, he doesn't get it at all.
  9. No, he doesn't, but he doesn't pitch too big of a fit about it. He knows it's my money. He has his obsessions with music and computers (he just bought a guitar, bass amp head and bass this weekend), so we consider ourselves even :P Though he did notice my new Balenciaga last weekend. He goes, "What bag is THAT?!" And I said, "Uhh, you don't remember this bag, honey? I don't wear it very often, that's why you probably think it's new. I've had it for a while." I know he didn't believe me, but it was nice of him to pretend :lol:
  10. My hubby is not into bags or wallets. But he has very good taste so he would share his views with me on bags, wallets, shoes, clothes, jewellery. In short, he is like my fashion designer! :shame:

    To me, I think it's ok if hubbies don't share the same 'craze' as wives. As long as they don't make any noise when we buy/ intend to buy new stuff, that would be wonderful enough. :amuse:
  11. OMG we must be married to twins seperated at birth! My hubby doesn't get it either he was really surprized that I actually needed more than 1 purse at a time.

    He is better with the shoe thing as I have always been a huge shoe lover, as long as I don't actually have him with me when I buy the shoes. I have so many even doesn't notice it when I get a new pair (usually)

    I just wish that my huibby would spend more money on himself so it would be more even we I do.
  12. If ke knows the brans, he gets it. He gets excited seeing kate spade, Coaches and LVs cause he know stuff about them (like how to identify if it's real).
  13. Hey, if he gets "it" enough, he doesnt care how much I spend or what I spend it on!!! :amuse:
  14. My girlfriend doesn't get that I get it.
  15. Thank god my husband is a label whore. He can't say anything to me when he will drop $400 on a pair of pants.