Does your husband ever look this bored with his kids?

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  1. Ok, now I know this isn't his kid, but he looks absolutely terrified to be in the presence of this child. His face is the look of complete worry. It's like, 'When is B gonna come back and get this kid?'.:roflmfao: :lol:
    jaybaby.jpg jaybaby2.jpg
  2. aww hahah its kinda cute though!
  3. deer caught in the headlights! LMBO!
  4. chances are...someone will always be handling his kids anyway. You have to make many sacrifices in life to be active in their will be hard to come off his lifestyle and do that.
  5. I think they look cute!
  6. In the first pic he looks petrified. In the second, he looks more worried about what the other person is saying to him. It just makes me laugh looking at those two pics. But I think Solange's son is precious.
  7. I think they look cute too.:yes:
  8. i think thats his overal fascial expression plus we dont see the kids face what if the kid is sleeping?
  9. Maybe the child has a dirty diaper on.
  10. Who is that? Jay Z?
  11. Yes..Jay-Z..
    The pics are funny..honest expression..
  12. I didn't know he had kids!!!:wtf::nuts:
  13. ^^^He doesn't. That's Beyonce's nephew.
  14. He looks very very worried! LOL
  15. I see!:shame:
    I guess with all my Qs I am completely missing the point of this post!!!
    :back2topic: Yes, he does look out of it!!!:lol:
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