DOes your hubby or boyfriend let you return exchange their gifts (bags)


Feb 2, 2006
:blink: I have to vent, I'm sooo fed up with the fact that my husband buys me handbags, but won't let me return or exchange them. He says when it's a present, it's rude to not keep it. He says if I return or exchange another thing he buys me. He's not going to buy me anything anymore. What he says is simply not true, it's not rude, sometimes you just want the things that you like, and every one has different tastes, so one should be able to choose and exchange as often as one likes. Does anyone else have this problem?? Or am I the only one
:Push:UGH!!!!i totally agree with you!!!My BF says the exact same thing!!!but he still lets me exchange it in the end though...:amuse:..but before that i have to hear endless complaints from him..:sad:..i guess that's the way guys are...=p
I wanted to exchange the ring that he got me for valentine's day for earrings. I thought he would have known I wanted the earrings because I've been talking about them forever. We went to Tiffany's to get a different size ring, and I kept gawking at the earrings so he told me to go ahead and exchange them but I would feel bad exchanging something he chose for me.

Bags are different though! If you don't love it, you most likely won't want to use it, right? And each person looks for certain things when they buy bags, so I think it's fine if you do exchange a bag if it is was a gift.
I'm pretty lucky to have an understanding boyfriend. He lets me exchange anything. Fortunately, I haven't exchanged any of the bags hes bought me. He knows what I like and really pays attention when it comes to buying me designer handbags. I make sure he knows!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
Kylie Reese: You know, I heard the same thing about it is not cordial to return a gift. I think that rule makes no sense! So if I get a t-shirt as a gift that is a size small and I wear a large, does that mean I should have to lose weight to fit into my gift? The etiquette rule is as old school as Donald *****'s hairstyle.
:lol: :lol:

I'll admit I have gotten gifts that I didn't like. Unfortunately, most of these gifts never accompanied gift receipts so there was no way I could return them. So, what happens? They normally sit in my closet collecting dust and when someone's birthday or Christmas comes around I may re-gift it.

As far as the bag situation, I don't have this problem because I buy all my bags with my own money. Although I think my boyfriend thinks I could have used my money toward other things, he knows he can't talk smack because it's my money, not his.

Kylie Reese, I support your desire to have the option to return it for something you like. I hope he has a change of heart and allows you to return it. To avoid this situation in the near future, is it possible the two of you could go bag shopping together and you can pick out what you want?
Does he just buy handbags haphazardly without knowing your likes and dislikes? Does he even ask for hints from you before purchasing? I'm lucky in that my DH usually asks for a big list and just surprises me with some items from it. Just spam him w/ pix of what you want or drop lots of hints. If that doesn't work, just ask him to spend less on the gift and save the difference to buy what you really want.

I agree w/ pursegalsf, though. At the risk of sounding cliche, but it's the thought that counts. I wouldn't want to hurt my DH's feelings or allow it to become an issue in our relationship...just not worth it.
I usually try not to return gifts, but the guys I've been with have been pretty good about either getting it right the first time or giving it another try :biggrin: They never took least I hope hahaha.
My husband has purchased me many things over the years that I have taken back or exchanged. I kind of laugh sometimes at his choices so we have an understanding now, I send emails of pictures, and I have list that I add stuff to on a board in our office. So he can't go wrong. I feel bad for him really because if there is something I want I just go out a buy it for myself!!! We have never really had a problem with the exchange thing, thank goodness. I will sometimes ask his fishing/hunting buddies for ideas and he calls my jewler or my sisiter in law for ideas!!!
I think the thought is great, but if you're not going to use it, it's a waste of his money. He should understand that, and maybe if you exchange for it, take him along so that he gets an idea of what you like.

I've never had that problem because of this exact reason - my bf knows that I love handbags, and it's too much of a risk for him to buy something in case I hate it.
My husband just gives me money and tells me to go and get something for myself. Unless he is 100% sure of the item I want, he would rather give me $$$, so I can get it myself. I actually like it better this way!!!:lol:
My husband gave up a long time ago. Now he justs gives me his credit card and I buy it myself. Unless it's flowers or small little tokens. He does those himself. But jewelry and handbags he leaves to the expert!
My DH wants me to have what I want, if he gifts and it's not just right, he expects me to exchange it for something I want.
Now, IF he obvioudsly put a lot of thought into something, I'd NEVER exchenge it. But that is VERY infrequently!
When it comes to bags or anything fashion related, he has me pick it out so we won't have to exchange or return it. But as far as jewelry or anything else goes, he picks it out. He has great taste, so far I haven't wanted to exchange anything :biggrin: