Does your honey spy get dirty easily???

  1. hello ladies, i plan to buy a baby spy soon and i cannot decide on which color to choose. i love the honey, but am very very worried about it getting dirty. (there are rare situations when i have to put by balenciaga on the floor.) my second choice is the chocolate. please leadies, tell me it's ok to buy the honey!!:sad:
  2. mine hasn't and I have worn it quite a bit over the summer & fall...
    I did spray it with appleguard before wearing it and that keeps the bags pretty well protected from stains & dirt.
  3. I've gotten a hint of blue on a few areas of my honey baby Spy which appears to be color transfer from my dark jeans. :Push: But its very minor and hardly noticable. Other than that, it hasn't gotten dirty. But if you're worried about it, chololate would probably be a safer option.
  4. I agree with kate79. I got mine in chocolate, luv it to death. No need to worry about stains. My cousin has the honey spy and got a few dark stains that won't come off. We even inquired with our SA if that can be professionally cleaned. She said it's there to stay.
  5. I have 4 and the most durable so far is the dark brown. The honey got stained the easiest and I sent it for cleaning.