Does Your Hermes Need A Diet?

  1. I was reading a tiny article today about purses and their weight. I thought I would post some info because it really had me thinking about Hermes and the weight of the bags that we always discuss. Hermes is quite heavy compared to majority of brands out there, but it is the price we pay for our gorgeous bags and for REAL LEATHER!:heart:

    A heavy bag can cause pain in your neck, headaches, and tingling in your fingers. You should limit your load to three pounds. This is considered ideal weight to carry. In no case should you ever carry more than 10 percent of your body weight.

    Some suggestions to lighten the load:
    *Clean out your wallet. Carry only credit cards and papers you really need just for the day.
    *Keep a duplicate make up bag at your office and in your gym locker and lighten up to your most needed beauty accessories in your bag.
    *They suggest you carry your cell phone or PDA in your pocket. (isn't that one reason we carry a purse though?)

    Other Suggestions:
    *If you can carry your bag messenger style that is the best way (not for our birkins)
    *Alternate shoulders when carrying your bag throughout the day
    *Maintain good posture-don't slump because it adds strain
  2. was that from O? If so did you love that they listed the Trim as one of the best bags?
  3. Good Housekeeping if I remember correctly. (I was flipping through a few magazines, but I think it was GH)
  4. I missed that in O, H...I gotta go back and check it out. I love that magazine!
  5. This is close to my heart since I´ve been having shoulder pains since forever. I always try to keep my bags as light as possible; if the bag is heavy, I limit the stuff inside etc.
  6. My Hermes' owner needs a diet...bag is fine...
  7. ^lol:p
  8. My Bearn wallet is on a diet lol!
  9. So true about the wallet. I finally lightened mine up because I use a Bearn bifold and didn't want to stretch it out. Also, who needs to carry every credit card in the world everyday? I keep the store cards separate with other important cards like health ins card etc. and receipts. Use a Trousse zipper case for all that. Nice and slim. I use mini size items in my makeup case and take only the necessities.
  10. Great info KB, thanks for posting it!
  11. Oh this is totally true. I don't put any coins in my wallet and it has made a huge difference in my life!! I put all the coins in a container drawer in my car. Also helps that I got back and forth between my Kelly and my Birkin. Miss Kelly can't hold as much as Miss Birkin, so I do myself a favor by downsizing the contents.
  12. My Birkin weighs 3.5 lbs empty!
  13. Sounds like that's ok, duchess, as long as you weigh more that 35 lbs:okay:
  14. oops.. i definitely carry more than 10% of my body weight at the airport :shame: and sometimes i manage that in a balenciaga :shame: :whistle: actually pretty easily when you count a laptop, all the cables and a few water bottles... :nogood:

    i'm going to be crippled by the time i'm 40!
  15. i keep my bags very lightly packed already, just the necessities, though i agree, it would be really silly to start stuffing our pockets in order to reduce the weight in our bags - then the bags cease to have any function.