Does your hardware gets dents & knocks?

  1. Hi,

    just wondering if anyone has the same problem as me. I love the bold hardware in a lot of the coach bags...however, I get a lot of dents and scratches through knocks every now and then.

    And everytime I see the dents on the hardware, I just feel so heart ache. :s
  2. No one?
  3. it happens. nothing u can really do about it. i guess just remind urself it isnt v noticeable.
  4. Ditto, I think it just happens to everyone :shrugs:
  5. You might want to take it back to Coach and see what they say. I bought a bag that had a scratch on it, and the SA told me that the hardware was guaranteed. They sent it back to be fixed, which apparently couldn't be done, so they gave me credit toward a new bag. Doesn't hurt to ask!
  6. for scratched hardware?!? wow... interesting :s
  7. My hardware always gets scratches but never dents
  8. yeah...scratches but not dents. the hardware is pretty good.

    but there are some good fakes that have crummy hardware too..
  9. I have had scratches too........LOTS of them!!!!!!!!! LOL No dents though!
  10. I haven't really had any serious issues with my hardware.
  11. uh! I've got some dents here and there, but I can' exactly remember when I got it hit. Sometimes when I scrutinise my bags, I just wish I can have it changed. haha
  12. I know what you mean about scrutinizing your bag - I do that too! As picky as I am about my bags, I don't really care about a few scratches on the hardware. I've never had any dents - that would bother me - but I don't really notice the scratches. Scratches on the leather, though, do bother me.
  13. My purses usually get scratches pretty quickly. I've never had dents though.