does your handbag make U feel happy or sad?

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  1. why and how does your bag make U feel either happy or sad?

    Can owning a handbag actually contribute to certain experienced emotions?


  2. doesnt everything? Why would we ever wear lingerie unless we felt sexier? Sure, it cant be seen by people at work, and yet you still gain extra confidence by simply wearing why would a handbag be much different? Having something bold and unexpected to swing over your shoulder definiteyl gives you an extra bounce in your step. Having something small and whimsical makes you feel a bit quirky and fun. There are always certain things we do that brings it up a, bags, lingerie. Shirt/Pants/Skirts rarely do that for us...those are more essentials, except for those special occassion ones. But its those few accessories that make or break a mood!
  3. my bags (especially my chanel bags) really do make me feel happy even though it may sound so shallow. the thing is, i know how badly i've lusted after them and so everytime i whip out my bag, i still get the same feeling i did when i first got it. it's a great joyful feeling and i love knowing i'm carrying a bag that i truly adore and find to be worth every cent.
  4. But on the flip side how does it make U feel if some critiques your choice in handbags? Does it make U second guess you choice or even sense of stlye?
    Then again how does it make U feel if someone compliments your sense of style and choice in handbag?
  5. Do you think there is a huge difference between the way a genuine luxury handbag makes U feel Versus and Counterfeit/Fake handbag?
  6. is this research for a college paper or something?
  7. I tend to have different bags for different moods I'm in...or if I want to be in a certain mood. I have some slouchy, casual bags when I want to feel comfortable (or if I'm just feeling lazy). I have an elegant bag for when I need a confidence boost. I have fun, unique, and colorful bags for when I'm in a good mood (or if I want to get into a good mood).

    To me, bags are no different than decorative works of art. People tend to buy art to make their surroundings more pleasant. Bags are like mobile art pieces and make every environment your in a little more pleasant.:sunshine:
  8. makes me HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY. i finally found the one i love and its all i need until it breaks lol
  9. Sounds like it to me. :confused1:

  10. if i carried a fake i would feel like a wannabe wealthy person who wants the glam but can not afford it
  11. why would it break is it a fake? U sound really happy!

  12. Yes, a beautiful purse makes me happy. If it didn't, I wouldn't carry it.

    If your interested in a discussion of fakes, there is a long thread discussing them on page one in this forum.
  13. My handbag makes me feel sad when I don't have any money in it.
  14. no i saved up for a long time for my gucci and i am going to use it everyday until it falls apart on me aka breaks. that is how much i love it.:nuts:

    i refuse to carry a fake.:Push:
  15. Why would someone buy something that makes them sad? :confused1: