Does your Graceful strap slip?

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  1. I've written before about the limited bags available in DA but I'm getting desperate and need something to use now. I'm considering the Graceful MM but I've heard the strap constantly slips-off and curious if anyone who owns the bag agrees with this. A youtuber said the magnetic closure doesn't stay closed once your things are in, but I guess I could live with this. I'm also not wild about the bag virtually resting in your armpit, but like I said, I'm getting desperate... (The DA Iena would be a good option - I have it in DE and like it - but the vachetta tabs will curl and I wouldn't be happy with that. I'm retiring my DA Neverfull,)
  2. I haven’t carried mine that much- I switched to my Azur bags for summer- but I didn’t find it slipping off my shoulder. I also “folded” the middle part down so it wouldn’t rest near my armpit. You wouldn’t be able to keep the magnetic closure closed but that doesn’t bother me. Once it’s folded no one can get into your bag and steal anything. I found the PM to be too close to my armpit and that was a deal breaker. I think the Graceful in Azur is beautiful!
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  3. Thanks for this - curious though, isn't it a hassle to fold the bag down every time?
  4. I've been looking for year for that perfect Azur bag. I too am considering the Graceful as it is so cute, but something is keeping me from committing. It's a super cute bag and I love a hobo, but I feel like I'd be settling just a little bit to finally have an Azur bag in my collection.

    Good luck.
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  5. No, my Graceful MM strap stays on my shoulder with no problem :smile:
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  6. My Graceful PM stays on my shoulder without any slipping. The magnetic closure doesn‘t stay close all the time but I use a bag organizer with a zipper so nobody can get in. I am very happy with that bag :smile:
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  7. 20190427_150216.jpg I have the mono in pm and the strap doesn't slip. Here's a pic of where the strap normally sits when I'm wearing the bag. The magnetic closure isn't an issue for me since the bag is vertically lengthy and I don't really see someone sticking their arm in my bag.
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  8. Looks amazing on you - thanks!
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  9. I have the Graceful PM in the DA and it never slips. It's a really cute bag! Like you I wanted something in DA and don't really love anything. I found this to be the best of options for me.
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  10. No, I just push it down gently each time- And once it’s on my shoulder, it conforms to a certain shape. I find the Graceful to be very comfortable- like the Galliera
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