Does your Goyard St. Louis get dirty inside?

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  1. Hi,

    I have been wanting a Goyard St Louis PM for years now and want to take the plunge soon on a grey one for spring/summer.

    My question is the interior of the bag is white canvas. For those of you that have this bag, does it get dirty easily? If so, how do you clean it?
    I think I asked the SA at Goyard and he said to just wipe it with a wet cloth.

    I have a LV monogram MM Neverfull that is in great shape. I used that a lot with my little girl but she is older now so this St. Louis will just be filled with my things.

    Thanks in advance for any answers. I appreciate it!
  2. In my case - it does get dirty easily. I use it for gym and when I throw damp clothes inside the bag, the moist leave water mark on the canvas. After a while I just dun bother about leaving marks and stain etc. I hate to baby a bag! As long as the bag doesnt crack at handle or get damaged at corners (the usual St. Louis issues), I am happy.
  3. As much as I love the St. Louis tote, it does get dirty inside. I tend to throw change in the bottom of my bags which gets it quite dirty. I just got a new one and my goal is to use my little coin purse instead of throwing change in my bag. One time I had $27 worth of change in the bottom of my bag.
  4. I've had mine for about 2 years now - been wearing it a LOT and there's no dirt at all as of now. I throw stuffs in but I always put things like pens, money, makeup or anything that can leak/make the bag dirty in a case (pencil case, makeup bag, etc). So far so good that way!
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457576559.407943.jpg

    I use a silver Purse-To-Go organizer in mine. I like the pockets it gives me for organization, the light structure it gives my bag, and the protection for the inside. :smile:

  6. Brilliant!!!!

  7. Wow, thanks! [emoji4]
  8. This is so pretty inside too! What a good idea!
    Thanks for giving me a peek inside your bag too.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback on your St. Louis! I hope to pull the trigger soon or wait the long wait till I go to France towards the end of the year to save some $$.
  9. Quick question is your bag the PM size? If so, is your purse-to-go a X Jumbo size?

    thanks in advance!

  10. What is your bag size ? GM or PM ? And what size do you wear for the purse to go ? Thank you.

  11. My St Louis is a PM. I'm afraid I'm not sure what size Purse To Go I bought. Let me see if I can tell by the website...

    Yes, I'd say I got the x-jumbo. I think I went with the measurements for a Neverfull mm. It's a great fit.
  12. Which size is your Goyard and which size is the Purse-to-Go organizer? I need to get one! Thanks!
  13. See above
  14. #14 Mar 12, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2016
    such a good idea! is it heavy and does it help with the purse sagging?
  15. great suggestion on the purse organizer! I have had my st louis for 4+ years and it hasn't gotten dirty on the inside.
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