Does Your Facial Moisturizer Leave Your Face Feeling Greasy/Oily?

  1. I started using Clean & Clear Morning Glow (SPF 15) Facial Moisturizer. It says it's Oil Free.

    I've only used it for 3 days now. The first day my face felt great. The second day (yesterday) I woke up, washed my face and put it on. My face felt dirty, oily and greasy. I hated it.

    This morning I did the same thing and it doesn't feel as bad but my face still feels weird.

    I don't understand. I was using my moms moisturizer before (Olay or something) and this didn't happen.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?
  2. I use a moisturizer that doesn't make my face feel oily. Maybe the moisturizer you're using is too rich for you?
  3. must not be right for you. None of mine do that too me.
  4. Used to happen to me. I tried a bunch of different ones until I finally found something that worked for me (even the ones that said oil free were still making my face feel greasy). Right now I'm using moisturizers from Avon (one for day with SPF, and another one for night), and so far so good.
  5. That's happened to me before. I've had to really try a lot of products to find some that work well for me. The esthetician at my dermatologist's office said that our skin has different needs for different days. Since she told me that I've been guaging my skin daily to see if it's an "oily" or "dry" day. I end up rotating among a few moisturizers, but it works.
  6. Happened to me before too. Tried on a lot of moisturizers that didn't fit me. Last one was Hope in a Jar by Philosophy, it felt great and light, but wasn't very effective. Finally found a derm prescribed one that is oil free and acts as well as a sunblock and couldn't be happier. My skin is the type that cannot fit over the counter products. It needs a derm to make it right.
  7. I think I'll give this one a try again tomorrow. If not then I'll have to apologize to my mother because I'll be stealing her moisturizer again. LOL!
  8. I had that problem with other brands so my dermatologist suggested only using cetaphill (sp? sorry). It gives my skin moisture but I can't feel it unless I work out right afterwards as the sweat brings it back up to the surface.
  9. i've been through hell and back with moisturizers, and if yours is making you feel oily, it's not the right one for you. give the rest of it to a buddy and buy a bottle of your mom's, if it makes your skin feel good.
  10. nope. Mine sinks right in my skin. I agree you should try another one!
  11. Buy a bottle of the moisturizer your mom uses :yes:
  12. ^ that was my suggestion too :lol:

    I agree that it sounds like it's just not right for your skin. I've used Cetaphil Cream for a long time now and I've never had a problem with it...
  13. I love Chanels and also Philosophy's Hope in a Jar
  14. My mom uses Olay Complete. All day moisture lotion SPF 15. Light, non greasy. For Combination/Dry/Oily skin.

    I take back my previous statement. I will not be using the other one anymore. LOL!

    Thanks guys!
  15. Maybe you're using too much of it? That's what happens when I overdo it.