Does your eyesight get weird after a hot shower/bath?

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  1. Just wondering if anyones eyes go crazy after a hot shower/bath, or being in a hot tub? Do things become fuzzy/blurry? Does everything go gray/black?

    I'm not sure if this is part of my neuropathy, or something completely normal. :wacko:
  2. This happens to me once in a while, what happens is that the hot water causes your blood vessels to dilate and your blood pressure drops. The drop in blood pressure can cause you to become light headed and have blurry vision, sometimes your hearing can also suffer. You can pass out if you aren't careful- and that would cause a nasty fall in the shower, and possible drowning in the tub/hot tub. I would turn down the temperature of your water when you shower/bathe, and avoid hot tubs. Perhaps you are a little dehydrated as well. Talk to your doctor about this problem to be sure you do not have an underlying health issue.
  3. ^^^what Glamfoxx said.

    Mines gets fuzzy just as I get in the tub or shower, but I'm pretty sure that's because I take my glasses off. :p
  4. :lol: :lol: Maybe THAT'S it!

    Glam, I am currently having tests/playing the waiting game with regards to a neurologic disease. I am trying to differentiate between normal bodily things and weird stuff, hence my question here. :s
  5. :s I've never had that happen to me!

    Maybe I don't take my showers as hot as the rest of you ,lol
  6. For me: not at all. Please see an opthamologist, as I don't think that's normal for anyone. Good luck! I hope your tests come out okay!
  7. You sound like you might have a mild case of vasovagal syncope. Like Glamfoxx said, it's a blood pressure issue. I have it and I pass out sometimes after hot baths and showers--forget about things like saunas. I usually feel nauseous and then my vision gets blurry. If that's what it is, it's fairly common and not terribly serious, but it can be scary.

  8. that a condition of the Vagus nerve?

    I haven't gotten nauseous, but it could be that..or maybe not. Heh. Who knows!

    Truth be told, and I've only told two people IRL, is that I am being tested/waiting for a neurological diagnosis. I haven't mentioned it here because I don't like making a big deal out of something that's not even for sure, yet. Lately I've tried not to think of it much, because worrying is useless...but I am scared.

    Thanks for the info...I'll ask about it the next time I see my Doc.

    BTW...welcome to the forum! :flowers:
  9. I've had something like that happen rather recently, but it happened only a couple times, but enough that I am scared it will happen again as I get out of the shower every time. The first time, I got out of the shower, got dressed then suddenly I started shaking, got dizzy, felt nauseous, cold sweat, ended up having a temp of 100.5, it was hard to even dry my hair, then I just fell asleep for a while and it was better like usuall, but I don't know if that was from the shower that did that to me or an illness I have that flared up that time, maybe it was a coincidence. But other times, I do get a bit dizzy after a hot shower, but never took much attention to it.
    If you haven't brought that up to your doctor yet, please do so, as it might help with getting a quicker diagnosis. I am very familiar with the waiting game/having no definite answers, so I emphathize with you. And I completely understand the "is this normal or part of this illness" thing, it gets frustrating. I know what it's like to have that scared feeling, PM me if you ever want to talk!! I hope everything is okay with you!!
  10. Vasovagal syncope is a common cause of fainting. It's a condition of the autonomic nervous system (specificially, the body being hypersensitive to certain stimuli and causing blood pressure and heart rate to drop too fast). This often involves the vagus nerve, since this nerve sends signals to the heart to slow down.

    :shame: Sorry I'm studying for a final on heart/lungs/kidney and we had to learn about vasovagal syncope.

    Anyways, I hope all goes well with your tests and they figure out what's going on. I can imagine it would be really scary to go through this.
  11. ^^Oh, and I forgot to add:
    I don't know if your doc mentioned anything about this, but if you feel like your vision's getting gray/fuzzy (or you see "dancing dots" everywhere), like you're going to faint, sit or lie down! Even if you're in your birthday suit and it's in the bathroom, because if you faint you can hit your head.
    We were told in class that "although it's embarassing to lie on the floor when you think you're going to faint, it's a whole lot more embarassing to fall on the floor".
  12. :yes: I'd rather look like a fool than crack my head open.

    I'm surprised I remembered about the Vagus nerve...I took anatomy sooo long ago. :lol:

    Hope your final/s go well!
  13. ^Are you diabetic?

    At any rate I agree with Caxe-- please see an ophthalmologist!
  14. No, not diabetic, that was ruled out along with a gazillion other conditions. Heh.

    I shall discuss this with my PCP the next time I see her, and perhaps make an appointment with my opthamologist.
  15. that is very interesting. I dont think that has happened to me. I have been blurry eyed getting out of bed