Does your Empreinte bags hold up in the rain?

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  1. I'm excited to use my new Lumi in Black, but it has been raining, so dare I take it out in the rain? Anyone have any problems taking their Emp bags out in the rain?

  2. Bumping because I want to know this too.
  3. It's fine. I take out my audacieuse and speedy and the rain just drips off and the hardware is ok. I just wipe my bag down afterwards and no damage is done. Love it like the Ebene prints.
  4. A little bit of rain wouldn't hurt, but I wouldn't take it out in a down pour - that's what I use DE for.
  5. I used to baby my first Lumi so badly, but one time we went out and guess what!? Its not only the rain but my friend accidently splashed a 2 liter Coke bottle on my baby!! I was shocked and sad :sad: but when its dry, it looks brand new again!!
    All in all, its my most worry free bag :smile:
    Ps. My Lumi was in Ombre. I am not sure if the lighter color Empreinte piece will leave any stains tho.
  6. In addition, to clarify when I said "first Lumi", I got the replaced one because of the defect issue on my Ombre.
    Currently I have Earth Lumi and still love it to pieces! :smile:
  7. I'm a nerd and decided to read the tiny care booklet that came with my empreinte speedy and it says to avoid getting it wet. That must count for something?
  8. I've used my lumi and Celeste in rain AND snow- even heavy downpour. I don't even get a chance to wipe it down most the times before it all dries because I take mass transit and walk in the city.. Have had absolutely no issues!
  9. I've only been caught in light rain a few times (I use DE if I know it's going to rain) but it has had no effect on my bag. No water spots, no damage. I would avoid it when you can but I haven't had any issues so far.
  10. happned once
    and looks good after
  11. Just got my first empreinte speedy. Good to know it's not that delicate when it comes to care.