Does Your Dog Snore?

  1. Ok... not sure what's going on, but one of my dogs snores when he sleeps. Not just light dozing sleep noises but honking keep you awake snores! Does anyone know what's causing this? Does your dog snore when he/she sleeps?

    The vet says that he's fine, but I don't know if this is normal. None of our other dogs snore.
  2. No, but my husband does:whistle:
  3. Yes mine do, my Bloodhound sounds like a Fog horn, I have to touch him to shut him up otherwise would get no sleep....LOL
  4. YES!!!! i have an english bulldog that snores, burps, farts, snorts, and makes every other ridiculous nose you can think of and just sort of makes pig noises in general.

    sometimes she snores so loud that i have to turn up the TV to hear it over her. when i'm in the same room with her, people that are on the phone with me can hear her snore in the background.

    it's completely normal, different breads have differently shaped nasal passages because of slight differences in head shape, and bulldogs are champion snorers because of what my mom likes to call "her little, square, smashed-in face."
  5. I don't have a dog but, my oldest kitty snores snd sometimes it's really LOUD!
  6. Yes, my boy dog snores with gusto, and my girl dog is a heavy breather. Together, they sound like two 280lb men sleeping under my bed.
  7. Yes, one of my dogs snores a lot. Really loud too. She's a collie-mix, but I don't know if some breeds are more prone to do this or not.
  8. ^
    I meant to add that one of my cats snores too...more like a tea kettle whistle.
  9. I don't have a dog, but my one cat snores for sure...and LOUDLY!! It is too funny!
  10. One of them snores, the other whimpers and between them and my husband, who snores both on the in and outhale, there's no wonder I sometimes wake up on the couch :censor:
  11. My shihTzu snores!

    Its not really loud, but its loud to say she's so tiny!
  12. I have 2 scotties, one with a big nose and one with a petite nose (for a scottie anyway). The one with the big nose wheezes and snores all the time--it's cute, actually. And funny.
  13. My brothers beagle snores like an old man lol
  14. My baby snores louder than dh when she sleeps. She also snores when awake. She snorts loudly like a piggy when she eats. It's how she talks to me lol. What kind of dog do you have? Smooshed nose breeds (bulldogs, pugs, shih tzu, pekingese etc.) are most likely to snore/snort.
  15. Oh my, yes. My male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel snores like a buzz saw.