Does your dog snore?

  1. Mine is such a heavy snorer. He makes all sorts of funny noises when he sleeps. Put him and my father in one bedroom and there you have.... a snoring competition.

    My cats don't sleep with me, so I dunno what they are like when they sleep.

    What about your dog?
  2. One of my dogs does snore. He also has allergies though. Once he sneezed on me when I was sleeping and it was quite disgusting. Just like a human, stuff came out of his nose.
  3. My Chi snores but not all the time & he's not loud. It's very hard to hear him.
  4. What can I say? One of my dogs is a Boxer.:sad:
  5. My 3 snore and fart. That's why they have their own bedroom. :p
  6. Some of mine snore; they sleep in bed with us, and I sometimes am whacking/kicking DH in the middle of the night (he sometimes snores, too), and he mumbles, "it's not me, it's the DOG" LOL
  7. Yes! LOUDLY!
  8. Oh yeah ... like a freight train! I have an 80lb english bulldog (pic on my siggy) that thinks she's a tiny chihuahua or something, because she likes to sleep on my lap while we watch t.v. So I often have to nudge her so I can hear the t.v. or turn it up real loud. I still love her though:tender:

  9. LOL..i thought this was really funny....:roflmfao:
  10. i have 2 bostons who can be louder than freight trains at times... but i love them anyway!
  11. My oldest dog is a pug and yes he snores. But at night I wake up and he is sleeping beside me snoring and I know all is right with the world. It is amazing that, that much noise can come out of something so little.
  12. He snores uncontrollably, and he sleeps on my pillow like a crown on my head! Oy!
  13. YES!!!!! LOUD sometimes too.....I am shocked such loud noises come out of a otherwise mute 5 lb dog
  14. my dog doesn't snore but she does have little doggy dreams/nightmares. i hear her barking with her little mouth closed in her sleep sometime, and sometimes she'll cry in her sleep and be tossing and turning and shaking, so i'll have to go wake her up poor thing
  15. she does.... and she barks while she sleeps its sooo weird.