Does your dog love to poop?

  1. OK, I don't know if I am crazy, or my dog is totally weird......I think he LOVES to poop!! Every time he poops he runs so hard around the yard that he falls over his own legs!! It like turns him in to a different dog for about 5 minutes every day after he poops. Anybody else got a critter like this?
  2. aww that's sooo cute in a strange way :p. i'm not sure if my chloe loves to poop, but she does love to look at me while she poops. she'll always position herself so she's looking right at me with her big round eyes while pooping-it's the cutest thing ever! :love:
  3. No...but my dog LOVES to eat his poop....roflmao!!!!!!

  4. oh jill ewwwwwww :roflmfao: well at least he enjoys himself and his poopies :graucho:.
  5. :roflmfao:!

    Not sure how my dog feels about his own, but he loves to eat my cat's. :throwup:
  6. lol, thanks for posting this! It made me laugh :smile:
  7. lmfao Princess does that too!!! She runs laps!
    I guess she feels 10 pounds lighter:shrugs: lol!
  8. my shih-tzu does that too! everytime after he poops he gets really hyper and runs around. we let him go outside in our backyard and we'll know when he comes in if he pooped cause he's all happy and hyper. its cute
  9. my dogs both wont poop when im around. they both go into the restroom when they need to go but if anyone ever walks by the restroom they'll zoom right out cause theyre embarrassed lol
  10. LOL Maybe they are trying to get as far away from the poop as they can.
  11. hahahaha, that's hilarious!

    I can't say I've really noticed any different behavior in my dogs after they poop. Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention? lmao
  12. When I read the title I thought you were talking about my dog -- that poops 99 times a day. I swear everytime she wiggles or jumps she gets the urge to go. But, she is still in puppy phase and learning to listen to her own body, right? <--- or we squeeze her too much when we are playing??
  13. Mine is pretty funny.
    We always know when he's done pooping.
    He runs and skids Tom and Jerry style.And does the occasional victory lap around the house.
    When he was a puppy we would give him a treat every time after he pooped and now its like he's looking for some validation with his poopies.
  14. 3 laps at 100 miles an hour around the yard every time!
  15. My brother's dog does a weird poopoo dance. She'll kick her feet a few times scratching at the ground and then go running. She also will poop like 2 or 3 times on a walk, like she has to spread it out or something.

    My dog just shows her love for poopin' by sheer quantity of poop. She poops like 3 -5 or more times a day.