Does your dog love petroleum jelly as much as mine do?!

  1. Meet Daisy. She apparently loves petroleum jelly. She tries to lick it off of me everytime I put it on my face or hands. Anyone else's dog do the same? Why do dogs like it so much? :sneaky:

  2. Oh no. I wonder why she likes it. Daisy is adorable... cute picture.
  3. Daisy is adorable!
  4. i'm not sure about petroleum jelly, but our pom loves to lick lotion off. i can't put lotion on my legs or hands without him chasing me trying to lick it off!
  5. Thanks Mrs. SR & gypsybiker! :smile:

    steph, daisy has a thing for cocoa butter lotion too! :lol:
  6. My dog loves to lick of lotion, mosturister, creams, you name it, you put it on and she licks it all off. She burned her nose a few months back and we had cream to put on it but everytime we put it on she licked it back off. Luckily her nose has now healed.
  7. My dog is a huge lotion fan as well. I always get a goodnight kiss when I have face lotion on!
  8. Don't have a dog, but used to have a cat who LOVED petroleum jelly ... and went INSANE when I took out the Polysporin (Neosporin in the US). Made it kind of hard to heal wounds, as she kept licking it off!!!

    She also liked anything that was plastic/rubber/etc ... so I guess it was the petroleum she really liked - lol
  9. Funny thread. I once had a pomeranian that snarled and sneezed when she smelled my chapstick.
  10. My dogs love lotion too! They especially love this one smelly medicated kind that I have to use for my legs. :yucky:
  11. if you wear lip balm my sisters yorkie will go crazy trying to lick it off ur lips. lol hes at the point now when u take the tub out he goes crazy.

    doggies are so funny
  12. OMG! I saw this thread and freaked, I thought I was the only one!!!!! My Chihuahua is obsessed with Vaseline. She knows I use it on my lips and its sitting in my bathroom so whenever I go in to use the toilet she comes running in waiting for her lick of it. If its within her reach she will take the tube and open it and just sit there and lick it, it is SO strange! :lol:
  13. None of my dogs do, but I had a friend whose dog LOVED baby oil, she was nuts about it. I wonder why dogs do this... So strange!
  14. Any kind of moisterizer, lip balm, cortisone cream, etc!
  15. Did anyone see the Simpsons episode called Lisa the Beauty Queen?

    It's the one where Lisa becomes a contestant in the Little Miss Springfield pageant.

    Lisa learns that pageant contestants use petroleum jelly on their teeth so that when they smile there's no risk of there being lipstick on their teeth.

    At the pageant, before heading on-stage, she applies petroleum jelly to her teeth. Homer tries it and finds it tasty.

    This thread reminds me of the scene where Homer eats the petroleum jelly right out of the jar.