Does your dog like hugs?

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Does your dog like hugs?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. Sometimes.

  4. Some of my dogs like hugs; others don't.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. They just had a little blurb on the news about how hugs stressed dogs out, based on photos of people hugging dogs. I'm not sure I believe that 100%.

    Does your dog like to be hugged?

    I have one that likes one hug a day, in the morning, but no more. The other one will come over every so often and hug me, but she is a puppy and doesn't really like to sit still for too long. My dog that passed last year was a great hugger!

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  2. It's very dominant behavior and some dogs don't like it. My confident dogs like it, my less confident do not...
  3. We had a dog that would hug us with her front legs around us. But really, most just tolerate hugs. When they want to get close they lean against or on us.
  4. Mine come for a cuddle/tummy rub a few times a day, but I can't say they'd all be thrilled with an unsolicited hug that was more than a few seconds..
  5. One of my dogs only likes hugs when she's not feeling well, the rest of the time she prefers just a belly rub, or she comes and cuddles against us. The other dog though, he LOVES hugs! He gives them to people all the time (including friends and family) where he actually wraps his front legs around your neck and his back legs too, if you will allow it.
  6. Hugging does stress dogs.
    They do not hug one another--it is not a natural dog thing.
    Having human arms thrown around them feels restrictive & strange.

    However, in a trusting relationship, dogs will tolerate gentle hugs.
    Without freaking out.
    Without horrible anxiety.
    It is part of training--same as tolerating vet exams, grooming, etc.

    But, I remain convinced is not favorite bonding activity.
    My dog tolerates, but prefers putting head/paw across my leg. And snoring.
    Or simply laying against me, in contact, but not confined.
    Or chasing balls/sticks.
  7. i do it sometimes, hug them, but i believe they don't quite like it. they squirm to be released, and their heart rate actually increases if you pay attention, so that's stress. i tend to avoid doing it and just give tummy rubs instead :smile:
  8. Neither of mine like it. My one will nudge in so that her head is under my arm, but she just wants pets, doesn't actually want my arm around her!
  9. My dog doesn't like to be hugged, but he learns to tolerate it quite well. He will let me hug him, but I get the impression that he doesn't care for it. So I stop hugging him. It's hard because he is so darn cute and I really want to hug and kiss him to death! But I love him so much and don't want to stress him out. So, no hugs for the dog. :winkiss::smile:
  10. my dog loves hugs lol. she's very snuggly and small though.
  11. My golden loves hugs, my black lab not that much haha :biggrin: ♥
  12. Neither of mine seem to like it when I initiate it.
    One does try to get under my arm when he's feeling playful and wants me to scratch him.
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