Does your dog know any tricks? Lots of tricks? None at all?


Does your dog know any tricks?

  1. Yes, he's got all the basics down.

  2. Yes, he knows the basics and more.

  3. No, he's too busy for that.

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  1. so cute! It's a quick learner! We trained 'off' when he had a toy in it's mouth and said 'off' and then fed him a treat. He obviously had to let go to eat the treat so he learned really quickly.
  2. My pup Charlie knows the basics due to puppy school. He learned to sit, stay, and down .. and now he's learning "paw" and "heel"! My other dog Max was a prince though :p He knew the basics but that's all. We pretty much let him do whatever he wanted!
  3. Ahhh... why didn't i think of the "treat!!"~!! Thanks for the tip.. we're going to try that out~! ;)
  4. Lol... I've had my share of dogs that would do the same. With Miso.. most of her toys have a squeaker in it.. so you squeak it to get her attention, throw it.. then call her back.. and praise the hic outta her (I clap my hands sometimes & that makes her run faster back with the toy). They eventually catch on, although at times.. she will lose interset or get tired.. and not bring it back too.. lol.
  5. My dogs just know the basics that we taught them at home (no classes). They can sit, stay, lie down, go home (they run into their dog bed or crate), shake and will grab a toy if you say "where's your toy?"

    We tried to teach the first one more tricks like roll over or play dead but to save our lives, he couldn't focus. By the time we got our second dog, we didn't care for any fancy tricks but just wanted to make sure they both had the basics down.
  6. My Chihuahua knows how to: Dance,sit,lay down, roll over, shake, speak, beg with her paws, and fetch.
  7. I compete in obedience and rally with the dog in my avatar. So he knows all the basic and advanced commands on and off leash, and some extras.

    The new collie is just learning the ropes but he knows basic commands and we are working on some more advanced stuff. He is coming along.

    The old collie knows everything there is to know and has decided that since he is 12 years old he will just spend his days on the sofa now thank you very much.
  8. Teddy is a pom cross cavaliar king charles. he's a darling. he knows how to sit, shake a specific hand, drop, roll, walk, spin. when he walks and spins at the same time, it looks like he's doing a pirouette. so adorable!
  9. Bailey doesn't know ANYTHING....but he's our rescue pup, and I don't think his original owners ever taught him anything so I don't think he's predisposed to it.

    Cleo knows sit, stay, down....and I think that's it. They're both spoiled :p
  10. reggie the pom knows: sit, stay/wait, come here, lay down, sit up, go to bed, jump over, and drop it. he only does this stuff when he wants to or when he sees food. i'm trying to teach him fetch, speak, and QUIET! and for the life of him, he refuses to let anyone roll him over.
  11. Duke knows quite a few cute things.... DD taught him all of his 'tricks'.... He'll only go on 'alert' for my Hub tho.

    Here's the last vid I took of DD and Duke (which is where my avatar came from) right after she taught him High Five.

  12. they know a few
  13. they know nothing!!! but I don't care. they stand by the door when they want out. And that's all that matters to me. :biggrin:
  14. My maltese knows sit, down, stay, wait, come, shake/high 5, give me 10 (both paws), dance, crawl, roll over, drop it, off and up (jumping off and onto furniture), grab it and give it to me, speak and growl, push it (pushes toys with her nose) and find it (person or toy by name). I'm an awful teacher...usually my sister dogsits my pup and she comes back with a new command that my sis taught her.
  15. Dusty knows sit, stay, lay down, put your head down, leave it (put treats on his paws and he leaves them alone), shake, get on the bed, get off the bed, far :smile: