Does Your Dog Enjoy Shopping at Louis Vuitton?

  1. Sometimes when I get into the mood, I'll take my little TeaCup Yorkie out for a day of shopping in the city. We'll hit Neiman Marcus, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Macy's and LOUIS VUITTON! Whenever I go into Louis Vuitton though, I always have to buy a ton of items for my dog. (They're so classic). Plus my sales girls will give her water and food. I was wondering if anyone else enjoys shopping with their small dog? I think it's fun to pick up your friends and carry your dog in the Louis Vuitton dog carrier and let her walk around the Louis Vuitton store. And geting a few happy for yourself isn't bad either!
  2. What all have you purchased for your pooch? I wanna see pics!!! :nuts:

    My dog runs around too much and they won't allow pets inside malls... :sad:
  3. ha- my dogs are so ill-behaved I wouldn't want to even take them outside!
  4. they have DOG FOOD in the LV store?!?!?!?:wtf:

    and no, I don't have a dog, but my kitty LOVES LV! He adores the boxes and likes to hide in them! I'd like to buy him the dog carrier bag in the future (ie if he'll live that long and if he doesn't mind being treated as a dog lol) and drag him everywhere with me! Oh well, guess he'll have to stick to his 2 scarves for now :biggrin:
  5. John -- I'd love to post pictures. How do you do it?

    And I'm not sure if they have dog food at Louis Vuitton. They always ask if they can feed my dog, and I always tell them it's inside of my carryall. I just got a peanut butter-like small dog treat for her that I use. I treat my dog like a baby.. I have a little coat for her, fiji water, a tiny water bowl and a towel... in case of accidents.
  6. oh okie! lol it's YOUR dog food:sweatdrop: cuz for a second I was, LV has EVERYTHING lol
  7. To post pics:
    -Click on the little paper clip icon to upload the pic from the computer.
    -If you have the picture link, click on the gray mountain icon with yellow background.

    So... you keep your dog treats, water, coat, water bowl and towel inside your Carryall and keep your pooch in a Sac Chien on the other hand? :confused1:
  8. I don't know about you John, but I usually shop with a group of my friends and than go have lunch at Cosmos in Minneapolis (I always book it online... I'm so pathetic). Since most of them just need a credit card or clutch, they more than enjoy carring around the dog in the dog carrier and I always carry around my carryall. My store manager, Brenda thinks it's a luxurious way to shop.

    I'll be posting pictures in the near future since their at the other house in the city. Although I'll try using the tip beforehand. Thanks Jon!
  9. I have a 90 pound 12 month old yellow labrador retriever. (Anyone read the book, Marley and Me? Well....he is Marley reincarnated). I don't think they would be that kind to my Bailey in LV. He would pretty much take the place apart in 5 seconds flat!
  10. Ahhhh... gotcha. I was wondering how you would handle carrying that much stuff while shopping, KWIM?
  11. How cute...can't wait to see your dog with LV.:nuts:
  12. my dog is wayyy too big to take shopping with me
  13. How fun! Wish my girls could shop with me, but I doubt their manners would make a very good impression. My boy dog would definately cause trouble. He'd be jumping on the cases, on the customers, chewing the bags. We'd be banned for life! LOL!
  14. Oh you have a great dog! My dog is too crazy to take shopping, she wants to jump on everyone and lick them. I'll take her to Petco and Barnes and Noble but I would be afraid to try LV! Plus at 10 lbs. she gets heavy very quickly in a carrier.
  15. My Brewster in Louis Vuitton... um... he would create a new color for the bottom corners of the showcases... hum sort of an Epi Yellow...:nuts: