Does your DH/SO threaten to stop buying LV?!

  1. Have you gotten to a point where your DH/SO have threatened to stop getting you LV just to quit making them mad? LOL..i was waking up my DH today (he works night shift) and i was tickling him and he kept telling me to quit it and me being me, didnt until he finally yelled "NO MORE LOUIS!!"..yeah, that got me to stop!! Then he turned to look at me with a sneaky smile and said "I knew that would make you stop!"
  2. nope, and i love him more for that......
  3. Awwww, that's so cute of you and your DH playing with each other that way!:upsidedown:
  4. I was looking at some bags that I didn't want, and I said I didn't like those, and my bf said "you better not want it" in a nonkidding way which I got mad about but then again I can't afford those...still didn't like the tone
  5. but sometimes when i'm in a good mood he jokes around pretending to touch my bags with dirty hands (i'm very OC about my bags), and i'd answer back 'good, because if you damage or satin it, you'd have to buy me a new one'.........
  6. DH wll sometimes try and get me by saying soething like, where did you get that, that's ugly...or wait, I need my sunglasses 'cuz the bag is blinding me..I just roll my eyes.
  7. lol..yeah, my husband knows what to say to get his way too..

    but then again so do I so we're constantly joking around! :smile: Actually now that I think about it, other than disciplining and taking care of our kids we're always joking around. But I know he loves me and he never really means hes gonna stop buying me LV!
  8. Hah, my BF doesn't pay for my bags so he can't threaten to stop me from buying them ;)
  9. my DH "tells" me NO MORE LOUIE! like every 2 months......:rolleyes:

    Yeah, OK. :roflmfao: :graucho:
  10. I don't blame him! I work nights, too, and I'd be pretty f**king pissed if anyone tried messing me about when I was trying to sleep!
  11. LOL-Yes, My Dh actually has joked cutting off my bag money. And I say JOKE because he knows how serious I am about my bags! Even though he jokes I force myself to give him the dirtiest/nastiest look possible. Then he kinda does this nervous laugh/half smile thing. Now THAT cracks me up!
  12. Nope! I proudly purchase ALL my bags myself, in exception of some gifts from my parents and BF; therefore, nobody can tell me otherwise.

  13. Hi Dusty Paws, which damier bag picture is under your signature, with that groom stuff the bag looks so wonderful. Is that speedy or else?
  14. Nope, he just tells me "I don't like items that scream LV cause it seems like you're trying to act like a hardass" so I avoid that by buying things from the epi and vernis lines lol.
  15. Well, I don't have a DH but FI, and he never threatened to stop buying me LV because he never bought me one and I'm sure he never will. He just said that tonight!!! I'm really sad now. I worked hard, paying most of our living cost when he was in graduate school, buying him all his clothes, shoes, gucci watches, LV wallet and Coach bags. I know I'm very into designer bags and has bought myself several. Of course I can buy LVs myself, I just want my first LV bag is from him. Then after he got his new job, I asked him tonight if he can buy me a damier bag as Christmas gift. He said to me: Can't you find anything much more meaningful than that luxurious handbag!:wtf: :crybaby: