Does Your DH or BF Read People Magazine?

  1. I am shocked (in a good way)!!!! I discovered yesterday that my husband of 27 years loves People, OK, etc. magazines! Here I've been throwing them away as soon as I'm done reading them, thinking he wouldn't care only to find out he enjoys them!

    He was reading People in the doctor's office yesterday and couldn't put it down. He also reads them in line at the grocery store. Sometimes he even makes little comments about movie stars, etc., but I never thought much about it until.....I found out he reads the fun stuff!

    This is quite a nice revelation!
  2. HAHA no my BF rolls his eyes if I "slip" an US Weekly or People in the grocery cart on the way out. He doesn't care if I read them, he just doesn't like knowing that our money goes to the tabloids.

    But he gets Muscle and Fitness so I think I deserve a magazine too!
  3. Yes, I subscribe to People, Us, etc - junk food for my brain! While he doesn't exactly rush to the mailbox to get them or rip them out of my hands to read them, he does pick them up of they're lying around. The best part is when he comments on things like, "Wow, I never expected Reese and Ryan to break up..."!!! Too funny.
  4. Yes, but he doesn't buy them. Same with my Marie Claire's...he reads them. ha!
  5. Yes, I got a free subscription to People and US for a year and a half. I had so much fun reading them and then was so surprised when dh would throw in the occasional comment of "did you know that they...."
  6. My husband teases me for buying them, but when they are on the coffee table, he does pick them up and read