Does Your Coach SA Know about You and TPF?

  1. I have told my SA and she didn't act like it was a big deal. She even said she was a memeber of a site. That would creep me out and I would feel down. The way I feel it isn't hurting thier sales it is just getting people excited for what's to come.
  2. I think it can be a good thing because we're sharing info about different styles and things we like, so I think it's really great for Coach's sales.

    Just ask tpfer's if their bag consumption has gone up since finding this forum!:yahoo:

    This particular instance was just a bit strange; it made me think abou it a little bit.
  3. I would feel unsettled if I got a call like that. But one thing we have to remember when we put our pictures and our names on the internet, its out there for people to see.
    I don't see my Coach SA's getting irked about the pf, unless someone was complaining about an experience and even then, I don't think I've seen names just store locations. Frankly, I think the pf brings in more business for these companies. I mean how many of us see something that a fellow pfer has purchased and next thing we know, we want it too!
  4. Hmmm...I'm betting my SA does know, because they are a member of tPF! And yes, I've purchased more bags since finding tPF than I did before!
  5. I have vaugely mentioned it. I don't say too much about it other than that I know a lot.
  6. I don't have a SA that I do regular business with but I'd prefer to keep TPF private just in case. I wouldn't appreciate a phone call at home concerning a blog from someone I didn't know very well, even if they were a SA.
  7. I don't have a particular SA, but I did have the Asst Manager at the boutique ask me how I knew so much about Coach, very suspiciously, when I was asking about items that hadn't been released yet. It's like she thought I was a spy or something. I just told her I had a friend who worked at another Coach store ( white lie ) I just think it might be a touchy subject with some SA's or managers, since we talk about stuff that is on the down low.
  8. my sa knows but she is not a member, i think she is a lurker. and honestly, this site motivates me to buy other things and contributes more to coach than anything. it also repels me from places like eBay because of horror stories..hehe
  9. My SA's know about the forum. Whether they read it or not, I don't know. I do try to be careful what I post anymore.
  10. They may feel slightly defensive if their clients know more than they do. I don't think every SA is a coach expert. For some it is more of a job than a passion.
  11. ^^^ Very true, but I don't understand how anyone could work at Coach and not be crazy about it. I would be in handbag heaven!
  12. The SA's of the Outlet know. I've never said anything to the ones at the store...

  13. :sad: my paycheck goes back there.
  14. I've mentioned it to an SA before when they asked me how i already knew about an item that wasn't out yet.