Does your Chloe do this?

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  1. Hi
    I recently purcahsed a second hand Chloe which looks authentic in every way, except the stitches are really bad. I am on a mission to see if any other chloe bag do this to see if this is a result of poor quality control or extensive wearing of the bag. So if yours does this, can you please, please let me know.

    the other thing I am concerned about is the back of the serial number being sticky. but I have since been told by one other that her authentic chloe does this too.

    I have put similar story on authenticate this. only one experts got back so I am posting this as a new thread so it gets more attention. thank you. :confused1:
    stiches 1.JPG stiches2.JPG bad stich pocket.JPG serial number.JPG serial back.JPG
  2. My stitching is neat and secure and my tags are dry and unsticky but my bags are under a year old.
  3. Id not be impressed at all if mine had faulty stitching or sticky tabs. I have 6 chloe bags and all of them are perfect. Can you exchange it with the company you bought it from?
  4. I've never seen or heard of this before:confused1:
  5. Sorry, all questions regarding authenticity have to go in the Authenticate This Chloe. No worries though, just bump your question if you want more answers!!!! Good luck to you!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.